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Tretinoin Cream & Burt's Bee Res-Q Ointment



After having the tretinoin cream, I put Burt's bee ResQ ointment on dry areas last night.

I wake up with much better skin condition in this morning!!

Dryness seems less than without the ointment, and most of bumps looked less swollen and red.

I believe Burt's bee Res-Q ointment helps my skin.

Of course I wait 30-50 mins to have the tretinoin cream after cleansing, but I also wait at least 30 minutes to put the ointment after the tretinoin cream. Don't put a lot.

If people use the tretinoin and have problems like me, try Burt's bee Res-Q ointment!

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unicorntears > if you suffer from dryness and peeling, jurlique calendula cream also helps. Jurlique uses all organic ingredients, and you can find the reviews on MUA like Burt's bee res-q ointment.

I use both, depending on my skin condition. When I have more scabs , or reddish parts, I apply Burt's bee ointment. It heals and calm down my skin.

Calendula cream makes my skin less sensitive, so burning sensation desappers after applying the cream. Hope the info help your skin.

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