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Day 96



Hi guys,

Things have definetly improved , touch wood , my dose was upped a few days ago to 40mg so I will reach my cumulative dose quicker for sure , can't go any higher because I weigh 43.5kg.

I currently have 3 scabs and just red marks now , much easier to do make up now and overall it looks better !

Went partying last weekend and got lots of compliments , no one said what has happened to your face ? I don't need compliments and I'm not one to care about things like that but when you have been at total rock bottom before avoiding your own reflection at all times, having a compliment can make you feel on top of the world. Literally.

I am also on day 11 of pack 5 dianette so that may have made a difference to my skin.

Just want these scabs to fall off really , I'm hoping my red marks will fade as time goes on, I haven't got lots and there very faint so easily covered but even without makeup its not to bad.

Face has been a tad itchy lately I'm guessing that's a side effect or something?!

My moods gone up for sure , I got into my nursing training which Im totally happy about and my driving test is v soon so fingers crossed ! I've also managed to sort myself an x mas job and have visited a hospital job and have applied for a nursing assistant role :)

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