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Shame On You Flaky Face!



just wanna share here, today is really2 knocked me down. i just went out to the groce shop and there was couple of guys approaced me. one of those guy asked me where the Abbey village, and yeah i nervously told him where it is. on the same moment, the other guy looking at my face. i can tell you he actually looking at my flaky face. how im so a shame. i try to brave my self to go out and maybe its not the right time. what a shame :(. i feel so horrible right now.

aaahh!! :'((


I once went out with a completely flaking face. I was so sure that everyone was judging me, so there I was trying my best to cover my face. A guy I'd recently met looked at me, then said: "hey, you don't have to cover face like that, it's not a big deal, relax".

So don't worry about people staring at you. Nobody (sane) can blame you if your face is peeling. These days, I always assume people are more understanding and empathetic than I used to give them credit for. Chin up, buttercup.

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thank you, i do agree with you. yet sometimes, i just have to throw aside what people will say or already said to me. painful but yeah what to do right. as you said, relax!

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i have done this many of times this morning my face had honey all over it when i opened the door to the post man who just looked at me lol

To be honest i wouldn't care what people think or look at you like your trying to help your skin by using the regime so your doing the right thing for you

keep your head up buddy and keep going :)

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