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How To Rid Yourself Of Acne



Acne sucks. Pure and simple. And most people pay tons of money to rid themselves of it, and in the end, find that none of it works. I'm going to tell you how to rid yourself of acne for very little money. It will work!

First, here are some helpful tips:

1. Some people who constantly take care of their face and keep the breakouts tend to get envious when they see people with clear skin. You may have acne due to genetics. If this is the case, then the acne shouldn't last very long after puberty. Just know that those people are either wearing make up, have great genes, or have just been doing everything right. You have been doing everything right too, but genetics can be a pain in the butt. Just use these people to push yourself forward and motivate you.

2. Touching your face is one of the absolute WORST things you can do when you have acne. It just makes it worse! Wash your hands frequently and if it is that bad, wear clean gloves. Just please limit yourself to the touching.

3. Puberty causes acne to increase, so don't be surprised if your acne gets worse or just won't go away during this time. It's the hormones!

4. If you have bangs covering your forehead, you can get a lot of pimples there. Place the hair out of your face.

5. Don't overdo it! Wash your face once in the morning and once at night. You could dry out your skin if you wash too much and trick your face into producing even more of these little demons!

6. Wear some concealer on bad days, but remember to always wash off make up before bed. Going to bed with make up is terrible for acne!

7. Don't let acne ruin your life. Just take it one day at a time and calm down.

How to treat acne:

The simplest way to treat acne is by washing your face each morning and at night with glycerin soap (which you can get at any dollar store) or a beauty bar. Try going for Silk beauty bar. That has helped me A LOT. Also, coconut oil/butter is amazing for acne!

It moisturizes and clears acne. Use these things together and voila! No acne. Just remember to follow the tips. And, if you ever need to pop one of those crazy volcanoes on your face, please use a kleenex or a metal tool from any beauty store. (I got mine from Sephora). And disinfect after! I know a lot of you are thinking that it's too good to be true but you have to try it!

Post any comments and feedback in the comments section.




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