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Week 6 November 18 2012



Thank god, I'm starting to see great results. Most of the active acne on both sides of my jawline and cheeks have gone away. It's so smooth and soft! Unfortunately it doesn't look as good as it feels due to the red marks it left behind. I'm still breaking out a bit on my forehead but rather than having clusters of small pimples and a few big ones I just have like 2 big ones and the rest is smooth. I'm also just recovering from a horrible breakout on my chin (I started putting the Tazorac on that area only a few weeks ago so it was still going through an initial breakout) But it's such a relief to be able to feel my cheeks again without the bumpiness or pain. But, I'll still need makeup for those red marks. I've got a long way to go still, they say it takes 12 weeks to see full results. Maybe it's the clindamycin phosphate plegets that are speeding things up, not sure. I've also stopped taking the Monodox since I don't really have much inflammation. Well...I'm also just too lazy/busy to refill my prescription. Lol. Anyway I'm looking forward to the next 6 weeks. Aw man these pictures are really awful, you can't even tell it's gone down. My skin marks so easily, even the slightest pimple leaves a dark red mark that takes forever to go away.


I would'nt stop any medication. Once our skin clears we think we can lay off the meds. Not so. If you do the acne will return.-My thoughts

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Just read through your blog; so glad it's finally turning around for you. I just started on a retinoid too, so hopefully I'll see results like yours. Good luck, gurl.

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@amoxilworx I know, but my derm put me on the Monodox to alleviate some of the inflammation from the initial breakout from the Tazorac which has gone down.

@unicorntears Thanks! I'm really glad it's turning around too, there's no better feeling than having clear skin. Good luck to you too! All I can say about retinoids is that it's a huge commitment...they put your skin through hell but if you stick it out it's worth it. 3-4 long, long months of waiting haha. Did your derm also put you on an antibiotic?

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