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I Have A Lot To Be Thankful For This Year, And I Have Finally Added Clear Skin To Thee List! ;^)



7 months after Accutane!

All I can say is..I have the "out of sight out of mind" syndrome lately.

No acne, no researching stupid expensive makeup, or "special" face washes-just simple, clean, non-oily, soft skin that I LOVE

Its worth it, stop dwelling on the "if's" and do it, because if you hide out like I did, and wait until your fed up with your acne, your gonna think "Im so fed up now, and Accutane makes it worse, I cant handle any worse" lalala whelp, lemme tell ya. YOU CAN, as humans we want the "NOW now NOW" factor along with everything. Accutane is truly a cure, which means no overnight fix, no fancy scrub. Just Vitamin A workin on stopping your oil glands from causing you any more acne, and after 5 months you are free and clear...FOREVER!

ok Ill get off your back now

I guess Im just wanting you to know that I hated my skin and constantly worried about it, and now that I dont have to...its so refreshing!

I dont know how to feel looking at my before tane pics, kinda sad and like "holy shnipes, it was worse than I thought"....kind of strange to be so used to my new clear skin that I feel bad for my old self, if that makes sense. hahah!

Anywho, it has been a very long time since I was on, I was thinking of things that I am thankful for ,and not gonna lie I'm a little stoked to put up pics that I can be happy about smile.png

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck!blogentry-150809-0-74654300-1353565675_t


HOLY HELL that close up is CLOSE!! haha I could practically see my darn chin hair....Just kiddin, I dont have chin hair!....Or dooooo I?

And my skin looks a bit blotchy huh! Once the acne is gone, somehow our eyes still wander in search of other imperfections. How dare you judge me. Judgy-Mc Judgerson!!

Ok, well now that I have managed to waste at least 40 seconds of your time looking extra close at my chin area...and then making you feel guilty........Good day smile.png

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looking great!

i have checked your previous posts and i don't think your acne was as bad as you think. Once you start to clearer everything before that just looks really bad if you get what i mean lol :)

well done though on the achievement i know its not always an easy journey.

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Hey, congrats for having clear skin, don't forget how lucky you are. I have been looking at your pics and tbh your acne wasn't that bad if im honest. I've been battling with severe acne for 5 years now and im 20 and it's completely ruined my face. However whenever i have been to see my doctor, he has never allowed me on accutane and just given me some other crappy antibiotic. I just dont understand why i cant go in it when my acne is 10x worse than what yours was. Oh well, congrats again for your clear skin. Im usually more upbeat however how can you be upbeat anymore when acne has destroyed your life and has made you clinically depressed.

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