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Day 32 - Family



Flamingplatypus's latest blog entry got me thinking, why is it that it's usually our families that make us feel really bad about our skin and acne when they're the ones that are supposed to make us feel good/better about ourselves?

For example, almost every time I see my dad he says something that makes me feel like crap ("Your skin's all shiny. Is it supposed to be like that?", "Oh you look worse than the last time I saw you.", etc.). Why? It's not like he has it in for me and I do believe he means well in general. But c'mon! Any thoughts?

At the moment I have only two whiteheads on the face - no pustules - which is great. Got dry lips, a couple of small dry patches on the face, a very mild rash on the back of my right hand, and some minor lower back pain. Nothing I can't handle!



Family always try to be helpful but from experience i think their comments are just too blunt lol

Its a double edged sword really.

also i think people don't always understand what affect acne can have on self esteem and confidence but keep your head you seem to be doing well buddy :)

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^^ they about summed it all up.

anywho, ive never had no personal experiences in this with my family, they never mentioned my acne to me whatsoever. My mom I always have to ask for her opinion in order to hear what it is.

i'm sorry your dad is such a d)(&*( but I think all dads are pretty blunt with their sons so it's probably nothing new. it's the whole "man to man" thing.

from what i read it sounds like your skin is doing just great! So cheers to that! *holds water* lol.

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I know what you mean... Since they don't know what it's like to have acne.. I guess they don't understand how hurtful their comments are...

I've had to deal with it forever.. mostly people try to "help" me by saying, "hey you should see a derm", or "have you tried proactive?".. but to me it's just rude.. because of course I have tried everything! I take care of my skin, it's not my fault!! Ugh. It can be so annoying :(

I am glad your face sounds pretty clear.. I'm jealous :P

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