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I Just Realized That I Was Writing Under The Wrong Post, Thinking That That Was My Own Blog.



Oh well, I don't feel like doing another introduction, so I am going straight to it.

I'm feeling really crappy today, because of what my cherished little brother has said to me about my face being all "old and wrinkly," not to mention, full of "little red dots." He's 20 years old, mind you, so he should know better than to point out my faults.

Venting on this forum for the first time in two years helped. When I saw that 44 people viewed my last post in the first hour, I got super excited. At the same time though, it made me sad that nobody cared to respond or give me some words of encouragement.

Oh well. C'est la vie. I guess most of these people cruise by to read about other people's misfortunes to feel better about themselves. I mean, that's what I do when I hit rock-bottom. I know it sounds bad, but having acne, and now, "wrinkly old skin" from the Regimen is really REALLY pushing me to the brink of depression. Like, nobody understands how I feel. Everytime I talk to someone, I'm always scared that he/she would say something about my face. Imagine living with this fear 24/7 in college. Now at home, too. It's crazy.

Is it wrong to wish for my brother to get acne so he could understand what I'm going through? Karma should strike people twice as hard. My brother should have cyctic acne all over his body. Yeah, that's justice.

Sorry, guys. That was just a stupid rant. Honestly, it wouldn't be right though, because my brother is not that bad of a person. He's just stupid, and there's no filter between what he thinks and what he says.

Yeah. After much contemplation, I realized that the main reason why I'm depressed is because one, I have terrible skin and two, I'm always surrounded by stupid people.


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I have a feeling we've all been there at some point - the depression, the taunts from siblings, and the unadulterated resentment. But I've found that most people aren't judging you as much as you always think they are. It's best to just keep looking forward with any semblance of hope you can conjure. Just keep on keeping on, buddy.

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i agree with unicorntears a lot of people have no interest in how your skin looks - I'm not going to lie and say all people don't, but most worth having a conversation with don't really care too much.

I think people say stupid stuff all the time whether friends or family in its just there nature - people can be blunt.

Its good to vent to get it all out. i hope you keep your head up and keep going :)

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I've been there, too. One time, I was at the supermarket doing my grocery shopping with my brother and he said, "Oh my god, you have A LOT of pimples." I wanted to run, hide, and cry soo bad. Thing is, he already had light acne, which just made it all the more wtf, but I hoped he got it really bad like me someday. So he'd understand what it's like.

Keep your head up and keep in mind that once your acne clears up, there are tons of things you can do to rejuvenate your skin (e.g. chemical peels). If you're not seeing a dermatologist, I do recommend it if you want to get clear.

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it is what we do and how we do it matters not what we look like:) Humour yourself too. True beauty has little/nothing to do with having clear face. I've had acne for 20 years so I know how bad, uncomfortable and desperate it can be... but we are not just the face...:) I hope you find what you are looking for:)

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Hahahaha I love your ending. That made me laugh.

don't worry you're not old and wrinkly geesh. Now acne, is something probably almost everyone who is on this site shares in common, some more severe or less severe than others.

Imagine working retail, customer service, face to face with strangers and them CONSTANTLY pointing out your skin. It was like that for me for about a month or two when I had acne at it's all time worse.

Kids would tell me things outloud and all "What's wrong with your face?" "Why do you have so many bumps for?" "Omg mommy look she has a lot of pimples"

While customers we're still in line and dealing with the current ones we're just beyond me. I wanted to crawl into a ball and die.

I didn't however and I never missed work regardless of all that ish. That crap happened to me every time i went in too i swear people never gave me a break as if I had no idea that millions of volcanoes we're errupting on my precious face.

At one point I was ready to lose my job just to let 1 customer have it. She had asked me the most STUPID question ever.

"Have you ever tried Pro Activ?"

I wanted to respond like this "Pro activ?? Ummm you mean that commercial that comes on TV a million times a day? NOOOOOOO"

Or especially wanted to lose my job when someone would tell me

"Have you tried (this or that)?"


And I agree with Inndem, keep your head up and do see a derm if you're not already=)

we'll all be here for you, no matter what journey you decide to take and always have a place here to rant and bs about your acne like we all do.

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shame on him! My daughter says a lot rude crap to me so I know what its like. She teases me about my weight and tells me I am old (which I don't care about) at least once daily..I just shut her out and tell her shes a brat! If the regimen is aging your skin too much switch to retin-a (gets rid of wrinkles and keeps skin looking young) and take anti-bioitcs. I use benzoyl peroxide in addition to retin-a because it really prevents pimples for me. I use a formulation called benzaclin. It is 5% benzoyl peroxide mixed with 1% clindamycin. The pharmacist mixes it up for me at the pharmacy fresh each time I refill the prescription. I have serious acne without carefully guided dermatological care so I cant fool around with non-prescription cures. Good luck.

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Hey guys, thank you soo much for your kind comments! Life has been ROUGH, but reading all of your comments (sometimes twice a week...#depressedgirlproblems) have helped brighten up a lot of my days!! I feel like I get more support on this forum than from my parents/friends.

I'm thinking of posting a picture of myself soon. Hopefully, I can get some input as to wtf is up with my skin. Derm from awhile back told me I had deep scars sprinkled with active acne :( She prescribed retin-a and something else that I can't remember at the top of my head, but neither really helped make my acne disappear. Without results, my parents cut their funding, and that kind of concluded my visits to the derm.

So yeah, just a heads up, I'm not that pleasant to look at... :/

Much love,


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