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It's been a couple of years since my first entry. It would be nice to say that my acne have subsided and I feel better about myself.

Well, acne's partially gone, but the Regimen completely ruined my skin. I've aged a lot faster than my peers, with defined wrinkles on my forehead and around my mouth. I am so depressed. I hate my skin.

I came home for Thanksgiving Break, and my brother won't stop mentioning the condition of my skin. First, he asked if I popped pimples on my face. Then, he went on to say, "When I pop pimples, it disappears. I feel sorry for you because you still have a lot of little dots on your face." Just now, he was walking by my room and he took the liberty to let me know how "old and wrinkly" I look. Of course, he said, "just kidding" after that, but I got so depressed. I started sobbing when my mom came in and asked me what was wrong.

When I told her my situation, she said there are more people in this world suffering from worse things.

She doesn't understand how I feel. Don't compare me to someone else, because it doesn't change the depth of pain I am feeling at this momment.

This is bullshit. I hate my face. I really hate it. I can't even enjoy my thanksgiving break without my stupid ass brother ruining it for me. If it weren't for my acne, everything would've been fine. My brother's not that bad of a person, and if it weren't for my acne, we wouldve been laughing at some stupid joke. If it weren't for my acne, my dad would've held my cheeks in his hands, like he used to do up until middle school. I hate my face. I really do.


The worst thing is that, at least in my case, it's only the family that says things like that. And aren't they the ones that are supposed to make us feel good/better about ourselves? I just don't get it...

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I know how horrible it is, Im sorry that you feel so crappy right now. Honestly, I would either tell him in a "brotherly love" kinda way that he needs to keep his mouth shut or just keep your distance. I have been around so many people in my life that do nothing but make stupid little comments every single chance they get. And being around that all the time can really take a toll. Its not worth the stress, and he is obviously not sensitive to how you feel. Bite the bullet for a little longer (long enough to eat a delish meal) and then keep some distance. Trust me, eventually you will feel so much better because your not hearing all the little remarks and then eventually he's gonna be like "hey bro, lets hang I haven't seen you" lalala and by then you'll be over the old stuff and he'll probably understand that acting like a little a-hole isn't acceptable to you.

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UGH tell me about it! I'm back home for Winter Break and I'm going through the same thing. My brother stopped bothering me as much, but my parents say things that really hurt my feelings.


I think after college, I'm just going to disappear. Like not go home for at least ten years. My brother's behavior improved somewhat after he saw me bawling my eyes out but my parents are really testing my patience.

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