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Day 42. Last Day Of Week 6



Hey guys!

Things are still going really well :) I had my blood tested last week and my results were perfect. I see my derm next Tuesday and hopefully will up my dosage to 40mg so I can be fully clear. I have 3 small actives at the moment which are tiny and basically nothing but what's weird is I have these two pores that weren't whiteheads or black heads, but tiny clogged pores. That's the only way I can explain it :/ I squeezed them and they both had this hard yellow centre that popped out. Now they're simply two small empty holes. What the hell? Haha oh well better than what I had before by far!

Still using cetaphil cleanser twice a day, I don't moisturize in the morning now though or my skin gets shiny throughout the day. I really want to be on at least 40mg so that I stop oil production completely.

Everything else is great. I can still work out 5 days a week without any issues and the only thing I get is lower back and shoulder cramps every so often.

All in all life is good :) enjoy your days!!