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I am about to start Accutane within this coming week, have been reading a lot of posts on here and I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared.

Was just wondering if anyone had any last minute advice on anything I should be doing pre-Accutane??



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I'm on day 7 of accutane. I started using aquaphor on my lips and face prior to starting. I also drink lots of water. Go in with a positive attitude and just hope for the best!!! Good luck!

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My advise is don't stress, and I know your thinking "how can I not" but its not horrible. You will be surprised at how quick the time goes. You will get a little worse, but nothing thats like monsterous. Good luck, dont stress, and yes aquaphor on the lips

I have been done with Accutane for 7 months and I have had 2 small white heads, its a miracle worker. Just think about how nice your skin will be, and get pumped :) your gonna look great!

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I've been on it for about a month now and my skin is already clearing up slightly, I had very red skin, not just down to the acne according to my doctor and it's clearing that up as well.

As they ^^^ said don't stress, it's actually not bad.

Yeah the lips are sore and the excema you get is slightly unsightly but it will go away ( I know because I missed my tablets yesterday and the excema had basically cleared up)

It has, so far, been a wonder drug.

Just watch out for cuts, I work in a card shop and im constantly cutting myself but since being on this I'm bleeding a lot more and my skin on my hands is like paper

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