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Day 28 On Spironolactone - Best Skin So Far!



Finally! I'm 28 days into my 100mg daily spironolactone treatment and am seeing awesome results. It was a little iffy for a few weeks -- I cleared up, then broke out, then cleared up, then broke out (first time was right after I started spiro, second time was right after I upped my dose from 50mg to 100mg) -- so I think I've finally moved into the clear with the initial breakouts. My skin is SUPER smooth, and for the first time in 2 or 3 years my chin doesn't have cysts or lumps on it. I'm hoping it stays this way, I'm traveling for Thanksgiving to visit my boyfriend's family and I'm dreading a huge breakout. The last time I saw them all I had 3 cysts on my chin that were MASSIVE and super embarrassing so I'm really hoping to stay clear and pretty for this week / weekend. Plus, I don't want to be stressing about being seen without makeup on or touching up during the day. I just want to be able to relax and not have to worry about what my skin is doing.

I feel a huge relief, since I've been battling this stuff for years. I know each person is different, and derms suggest different methods and medications and a lot of it is "trial and error" but I was getting so frustrated with taking something new, waiting 3 months, not seeing results (and most times, my acne getting worse) and then starting at square one again. Plus, as a 28 year old, it's pretty embarrassing in the workplace and socially to be dealing with this when most of my colleagues, friends, boyfriend and family haven't had pimples or acne since they were in high school, if ever! I always had a hunch my acne was hormonal based on when it would flare up and the kind of deep, painful breakouts I was having on my chin and around my mouth. And after trying literally everything under the sun, except accutane, I'm so glad I gave spiro a chance before resorting to accutane. Fingers crossed this keeps working and I stay clear!!

My routine ---

  • 100mg/daily Spironolactone
    • 200mg/daily Doxycycline -- derm recommends that I slowly stop taking this once I've been totally clear for 1+ month, and I agree, since I don't think long term antibiotic use is ideal and I'm not sure how much this has helped anyway

      • Sprintec birth control -- has a specific progestin that is the only one FDA-approved for helping acne, I switched to this brand last month after a long battle with other crappy pills that made my skin go bananas (I've been on BCP since I was about 16 years old) I absolutely think this is the best pill ever! check out more info on the hormone/BCP topic here

      [*]0.025% Tretinoin cream at night -- helps a lot with blackheads and clogged pores, love this!

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Yay! This sounds like a great regimen for balancing the hormonal stuff. If my crazy experiment doesn't work, I may give this a try - I think the BC you're using is perfect for using with the spiro.

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