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I Found Something Natural & Great For All Acne! (Please Check Out)!



My Grandmother informed me about a skin topical spray that aids in the healing process or any skin ailments (as bad as skin cancers/ psoriasis etc. ) It is called DermaTox (by healthy habbits). It is a pink liquid (made of all natural ingrediants which is SO cool in my book). The formula is extracted by a mixture of elements put together to make this awesome crystal! It has all these great healing benifits and so far I've been spraying it on my skin 4-5 times a day and it has helped so much in only 4 days! You can order it by the (64oz) which lasts sooo long and on the site you can even order small spray bottles that make this spray easy to take with you anywhere or give away to people as gifts!! It is odorless and does not dry with any color or tight feeling it just feels really refreshing! My boyfriend carries a bottle aorund with him when he rides his bmx bike because it aids in the healing of his frequent cuts/scrapes/swollen ankles and such/and bruising. Its great for blemishes, moles, burns, cuts, scrapes, skin tags, wrinkles, scabs, scars, hair that falls out, scalp sores, pretty much anything external on the skin!!! you name it pretty much but here are a few links to check out for more info on ingrediants, how the product came about and other dermatox skin products! (:




I have been nothing but impressed with this !!! HOPE you are also, or at least give some time to think about it because my acne is getting a ton better, and for it being an all natural product really makes me happy and feels great to my skin and my mind (: