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Accutane Day 34

Hi y'all!

I am on day 34 and have some new developments from the last couple of weeks. I now have muscle soreness for very minimal amounts of exercise. I worked out for 20 minutes yesterday and today I feel like I ran a marathon! I also have achy joints and some weird back pain going on- it feels more like a piercing pain in the middle of my spine.

In addition, I have had 2 8-hr migraine headaches over the last 2 weeks that did not respond to water or ibuprofen. I left work early yesterday and just lay in a dark room for 2 hrs, which seemed to to the trick.

Otherwise, I experience the same dry lips and T-zone area, my back is super itchy, and I generally feel tired- nothing sounds better than resting! On the plus side, the Accutane seems to have gotten rid of my usual insomnia- I am going to bed at 10pm every night, barely able to keep my eyes open. That is a great side effect!

Overall, these are tolerable symptoms. I feel like I am about 80 yrs old, but it is okay as long as these side effects are temporary. Has anyone else experience muscle soreness? I read on wikihealth that this is common, but I didn't see that in any of the source materials the derm provided. Thanks for the feedback.

My skin looks fantastic! Cerave lotion, neutrogena face lotion, and aquaphor lip balm are saving my life :)



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