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What Now?

Know Hope


When I had the crazy breakout about a month ago, I made appointments with naturopaths, women's health doctors and 2 different dermatologists.

I decided to keep all of these appointments to continue to explore my options.

My visit with the women's health doctor was awesome and I'll share her advice. Basically, she agrees that my issue with taking saw palmetto was that I didn't take anything with it to balance out my progesterone and estrogen. So she recommended a blend of SP, Chasteberry (vitex) licorice, and peony - with 2 parts chasteberry and 1 part the rest of the ingredients. She makes the tincture herself. She doesn't think hormone tests are all that helpful because I may be more sensitive to androgens then most people and that may or may not show up on my results. She also thought it'd be best to get started with this and see what happens. So now I'm trying to get my money back from the other naturopath for the salivary hormone test. Oh yeah, she also recommends milk thistle and dandelion tea for liver cleansing, chromium picolinate (500 mg) for insulin balance, and Vit B6 50 mg and magnesium citrate 100-200 mg for 1 week prior to menses.

Note - I have not tried any of this yet, just writing down what she recommended for me based on the symptoms I told her about.

The next day I saw a dermatologist who recommended either spiro or low dose accutane. I feel just doing spiro with no birth control will cause the same problems I had with SP - so she said why don't we try low dose accutane? I'm very uncertain about this, but I have a month to decide since I have to get pregnancy tests and go through ipledge. So that process has been started butI can still back out.

So I'm trying to figure out what to do? Go the all natural route or take the medication that's basically chemotherapy to obliterate my acne?

I'm gonna try the tincture thing for sure, but now I'm wondering if I could do both? Or is that just craziness? I wanted the hormonal stuff to address the emotional stuff too, so maybe doing both will yield brilliant responses for both my skin and my mind.

I realize that researching and learning about different remedies is only helpful to a certain point - after a while, you just gotta try it and see how your body reacts. Ideally, under the guidance of a doctor, which I am doing. I just know if I ask about taking the SP tincture they'll tell me not to since no one knows how they'll interract.

Hmmm. So I'll ponder this over the weekend...


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