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Serious Question About Acne.org Regimen. Pls Respond Anyone!



Hi. So Ive been using the acne.org regimen for about 4-5 weeks and have seen great results. I really don't have any pimples at all except for maybe 1 every 2-3 days which is amazing. The regimen is great and I think it will help anyone who will respect it and stick to it as instructed! But what bothers me the most is using the Regimen itself. I Posted a blog asking when I can stop using it and ppl responded saying its a life kind of thing. That puts a frown on my face because to be honest yes the Regimen is great and cleared me up alot, but Im tired of using it. I have to wake up at 6 in the morning and put on the regimen which doesnt dry up that fast and my face is so shiny and still has spots of moisturizer on it. I thought about how it will look on me when I get a job and have to work with ppl who think im holy because of my face if you know what I mean. It's just so annoying, sticking to it, I don't have the time, so what I really want to know Is if my acne will go away at early/mid 20s'? Google websites say it will go away around there and other say it won't. I was so depressed while having acne an when it cleared up alot i wasn't. Now im a little depressed thinking that my future could be all about the acne and worrying of a pimple will pop up on my nose any day. Guys this is a community and a community helps out. Please help me out and help me find out. Also Im researching what kind of vitamins will help clear me up and the kind that I can stay on without the regimen. Please again if you can help me out with that. Also if anyone is reading this and is trouble with wheather to buy jojba oil or not, I TOTALLY recommend it. It is really good at moisturizing, cleaning red marks, and making me look good lol. Again I will most appreciate it If as many people as possible can reply and help me out so I can pass it on to my friends and so on and so forth. Ounce again Thanks!!!


Hi there, your acne may or may not clear up on its own by your mid-twenties. Some people have acne well into their thirties or even forties. My acne got way out of control just this year and I'm 24! You have to keep using the Regimen indefinitely... Dan Kern is like 40 or something and he has to use it twice a day every day or he breaks out. The Regimen is basically just a band-aid. That's all it is. Antibiotics may or may not get rid of your acne (in most cases it just comes back after some time). If your acne isn't bad, you may be able to keep it under control just by getting a light chemical peel every month. Topical retinoids might work well for you if you have acne only on the face. The only thing that can truly get rid of acne is Accutane, but for you to get put on Accutane your acne has to be severe or it has to respond very poorly to other treatments. If you don't want to waste an hour on the Regimen every day for the next couple years / the rest of your life, do yourself a favor and go see a dermatologist.

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