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Week Four: Retin A Micro .04%



Ok ! Just finished my fourth week, one more week down to a beautiful complexion ! BUT After having such good results my 3rd week things took a little turn...

Its seems this week was good in the beginning but started to end with some breakouts in places that were once clear.. my skin is probably still going through the IB stage i'm guessing

My Forehead is still pretty clear, some large pores in between my eyebrows but for the most part no complaints.

As for the cheeks ! aha, the problem area discussed in my previous posts on my right cheek is now all unclogged and for the most part healing and going away, but! I did get a pimple on the outer part of my cheek near my ear, this one went away fairly fast though, jawline had 2 new pimples that went away within a day or two as well. Just left with some dark marks which are slowly fading. My chin although, has one stubborn pimple underneath my skin -__- these are the most annoying because there painful.

My left cheek, is another story /:

the previous problem area discussed in my other posts located on the upper left cheek near the bridge of my now has healed for the most part and gone away, BUT I have about 7 new pimples spread out everywhere ): they are not large bumps, nor really bumps at all but mostly surface pimples with no heads just red spots. Really, Really annoying. Especially since things were going so well ! but, I do have to remember it is only my 4th week and Retin A Micro takes up to 7 weeks to show its true colors so I wont be giving up just yet but boy does this take a lot of patience and courage.

Im hoping that I get the same results everyone else raves about who's gone through the emotional roller-coaster of Retin A!

*Also, as a side note my regime hasn't changed still the same products although since things have been kicking up I have added some stridex pads (maximum strength) just to control the breakouts as much as I can so I can still go out into public lol Other than that another remedy I use for redness is toothpaste ! works pretty well... see you at week 5 (:


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