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Update: A Year Later



Dear Acne.com Community

I will relive my last year being a sophomore/junior in college in a stressful year.

I average about 6 active acne sites that still bother me. For the longest time i did nothing other than the regimen and washing my face twice daily as a baseline. It was clear after trying this for 3 months that ONLY the regimen would not work for me.

I have tried eliminating some food groups from my diet, exactly what my blog says in not doing, and have not found better or worse results. I am trying to gain healthy muscle mass, and have tried to subscribe to the ketogenic/paleo diet fad which cuts out gluten entirely. Im sure there are a lot of gluten people out there, but this simple step reduced active pimples to about 4 at a time.

I have now started taking fish oil like i had stated in my earlier blogs. This is a good habit to get back into and cant say for sure if it has an effect.

Lastly, I have been applying zinc oxide (200mg) to my face twice daily. Something about zinc being a co-enzyme combined with providing oxygenation and benzoic acid breakdown that is associated with benzoyl peroxide seems to be working out. I had a huge one on my nose that healed the fastest I've ever seen.

My underlying problems with acne is that my skin is not the best at repairing itself. I am going to explore this a little further to see if i am deficient in any micro-nutrients (selenium) and macro nutrients that is associated with "good" skin.

Best of luck. If there is some interest I can treat myself like a lab rat to see what my acne relates to.

keep on with the good fight!