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Need Your Thoughts Please!

Liam Foster


So once again i have changed my diet. I am now eating a rather large meat salad (chicken mostly) everyday. It includes: spinach, mixed salad, carrots, kidney beans, salmon/mackerel/, chicken breast and diced chicken. Now i have changed to this because my acne wasn't improving and i thought it was because all i ate everyday was pasta and this spicy sauce, thinking that was the cause of it. However i have been on this diet for around a week now and yesterday i came home from university about 4, the right side of my cheek was fine, got a shower around 10, went to put some cream on and noticed to new pimples had formed on my cheek!!! Like wtf! in the space of a few hours!? So im not sure what to do anymore. I am totally stumped for ideas. I don't know if its the facewash i use, ive been using it for a month now with no improvements, it;s clean and clear foaming facial cleanser. I don't tihnk it's my diet, because everything im eating is high in antioxidants and very very good for you! Or is my skin pushing out the new spots because of my change of diet or because im now taking vitamin d? I really dont know. What i do know is that something is very wrong with my body and i just can't figure out what the problem is that is causing them all!