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Day Two



Today was day two.

I had several new pimples - white heads and the formation of cysts alike. I'm trying to keep my hands off my face....It's hard.

My skin is starting to dry out a little, and it's more sensitive. My cheeks are red, and I can feel my lips beginning to dry.

My friends are still getting used to me not drinking with them. On Tuesdays, we go out after one of our classes and celebrate the fact that it's over for the week. Last night, I went out with them, so as not to break our tradition, and I had a diet coke.

Tonight, I met up with a couple old friends, and told them I wasn't drinking. When they asked why, I was honest and said because I started Accutane. And it turned into a five minute rant about how I should try herbal things for my acne, and how my friends would never poison their bodies with that "garbage." I tried explaining that I have done everything - from topicals to liver flushes - to clear my skin, to no avail (on the skin-clearing issue, or the getting my friends off my back about Accutane issue).

Is this something that is normal? When y'all started treatment, did y'alls friends react in a similar way? I wasn't really sure how to handle the situation, but I think I did as well as I could have.

Anyway, here is my face. Without any makeup. No editing, no "oh, let me just erase that mark." Sorry for the terrible lighting. Feel free to NOT look at these pictures as well wink.png




Your friends sound really rude, no offense. It's your body and you know what's best. My friends didn't say any harsh things like that to me but they did tell me just to be careful.

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