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Seborrheic Dermatitits Plus Moderate Acne Plus Super Sensitive Skin



hi. i need your help. i used tretinoin and salycilic acid topicals for 3 yrs and i stopped because i exprience rashes from it. i did a lot of experimenting with the right toner and moisturizer but my face is now very oily yet dehydrated plus very hypereactive to anything. ii went to a homeopath but i only received less results/ my face is now covered with moderate -severe acne and was diagnosed with mild seborrheic dermatitis. i am torn between starting the topical meds ,my dermatologist prescribed. i am scared because i heard antibiotics can make the seb derm worse and i dont know how to get rid of my acne. i am so depressed. plus my husband wants to have a baby., i really dont know what to do. i used to have clear skin but now i dont want to go out anymore. i am always at home searching the web for good treatments. now, i only use cetaphil cleanser but i cant use a moisturizer because every moisturizer that i tried stings my face

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I know yours is an old thread santababy, but if you haven't as yet found something that works then I can give you a little advice. I happened to read recently that there has been good results using products with ceramide in for seb derm particularly. Well, I have had acne, mild to moderate for the best part of my life and spent a fortune, had numerous prescription remedies, not to mention many hours looking to buy something that would work for my complaint. I too have very sensitive skin so need to be careful about the ingredients. Like you, I have had oily skin, more so, I think from using the wrong acne clearing products and was plagued with blackheads in every pore I think! I had also taken antibiotics for 10 yrs too, until I too discovered they don't help seb derm. Anyway, I just wanted a cleanser and moisturizer that were both accessible, inexpensive, would be easily tolerated, would meet the needs of all three conditions, and would be fast and easy to use. I've read some very bizarre remedies over the years too, so I wanted something simple. What I have found most useful in my quest for clear skin is just washing my face once or twice a day with Dove sensitive bar, very gently scrubbing in short circular motions with a small natural exfoliating sponge from Superdrug, (not the white one's which are far too harsh). I always give my skin a quick cold rinse afterwards and towel dry. I follow this straight away with a thin layer, all over, (except eyes), with Savlon antiseptic cream, and that's it!!!!! I have also gave up the antibiotics at the same time as starting this regime. I can honestly say that for once in 40 years my skin is normal now. I do hope this helps you or anybody else who is plagued by these often very emotionally debilitating skin conditions.

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