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Ahas: I Think U Freeky And I Lyk You A Lot



People really go crazy for Halloween here. But I think it's freaky and I like it a lot. I mean in Australia you'll go to a Halloween party and dress up, get drunk off some oddly coloured punch, and proceed to hook up with a blood covered 'sexy' nurse (or for the ladies a guy dressed as Tarzan or a shimmering vampire).The costumes are mostly handmade (because not many stores carry them, although that is increasing). There are no Jack O Lanterns, no one really decorates their houses... But you don't get those annoying children knocking on your doors, I mean can they not buy their own candy. Ok, maybe I'm just bitter because I never got to dress up as Pikachu and get a tonne of free lollies off strangers. Actually, I do think Australia should more fully embrace the festivities, it has to be one of the more fun and interesting holidays. Although, I think my parents would scream "Americanisation", but whatever.

So, it's been a few days since I've updated the world of fellow acne haters anonymous (AHA). My skin is overall clearing, although I had a bad day on Sunday. Three lovely pus-filled white heads greeted me on my right temple (I think it's caused by my hair), so naturally I irrationally responded and bursted those bastards. The red bumps are slowly fading. I'm really hoping this oxy facial cleanser is working and that it's not just the freezing weather that is clearing my skin. My seb derm is much better, I just have to keep on top of the selsun blue and moisturising and not become overly optimistic (which I have a tendency to do) and stop applying it daily.

So brief update on the girl. She really likes me BUT she loves her boyfriend. Which is something I already knew. I guess I have defined the relationship (DTR'd), which is good, because it's something I haven't done in the past, and something that has screwed me over a bit. So, overall I feel more clear on our relationship, which is cool. Even though I want more.


I didnt realise you were still lurking around blog land! How exciting :)

I think I must truly acknowlege that I've hit middle age because when I saw Coles desperately trying to sell a display of 5 oversized pumpkins for Holloween I screamed in my head "americanisation!!!!!!" Or should that have been "AmericaniZation!!!!!"

So wait, there is some love interest gossip? I need to get myself a moment to do some back reading of your blog. I HATE missing out on love interest gossip...damn. (or should that be dang?)

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Ha ha, I know, I had a sudden breakout in Canada and decided to vent on my blog. I guess this led to more writing.

There's no massive story there, sorry to disappoint. Just a cute German girl that I get along with well, and party with a lot.

Yeah, and I think if I was still in Australia, I definitely would've cringed at such a desperate commercial display. But then, there's nothing like stealing random Jack O Lanterns on a cold, dark night to change your mind.

I think I need a life update, or a story, maybe a quick blog update from you?

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