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Beginning Of Week 3



About me:

I'm 22, and I've had moderate-severe acne since I was about 12-years-old. I've tried probably every over-the-counter medication, and as the story goes, nothing has worked. I've also tried, at various points, oral antibiotics.

Finally, I got permission to see the dermatologist, who prescribed me 100 mg/day of spironolactone, clindamycin gel for morning and evening, plus Retin-A cream every night.

I am starting my third week on this new regimen. My skin is horrible--I'm suffering from a terrible initial breakout caused by one, or all, of these treatments--especially focused on my jawline and lower cheeks.

My hope is that by tracking my progress, I can help myself and others. I hope that those with experience on any of these prescriptions can lend their advice and wisdom.

Right now I'm wondering about this initial breakout. My skin is the worst it has been, and it's very difficult to deal with.


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Retin-A has an initial breakout at around six weeks by the insert info that I've read. https://retin-amicro...RetinAMicro.pdf The idea is that it takes off layers of skin revealing pimples that were there all along. It ususally takes twelve weeks to see improvement. It states that it is very important to continue treatment while this initial breakout is happening. I went through it too and it was awful I had dozens of crusty pustulues and bloody pus oozing blemishes. It was monstrous. You are on a topical antibiotic so that should help a lot with smaller zits appearing. In a few months you should be free and clear. It took me two years on my regimen until I could actually say I no longer have acne. I consider it to be in remission and continue treating just as heavily as before when I had more blemishes. I know its tempting to burst pimples but that just leads to scarring. Let them dry out and eventually slough off. Retin-a is great at getting your skin smooth again. You just have to bite the bullet and go through that six to twelve week period. Once its over you will have smooth skin and you keeo using retin-a forever. It also prevents wrinkles as I am sure you know. Your regimen sounds really good. Mine is Benzaclin, clindamycin gel, Retin-A and amoxicillin alternating with cephalexin. every other month I switch so that the bacteria can't develop an immunity to the anti-biotics. I think I am going back on Spiro too but only if my dermatologist Alexia Knapp keeps prescribing me an effective anti-biotic. You're on the right track. I predict you will see vast improvement in the coming months. hifive.gifhttps://retin-amicro...RetinAMicro.pdf

You have to increase the size of the view and do a few rotations clockwise but you should be able to find the part that talks about the initial "worsening of your complexion" and it is vitally important you keep using Retin-A at that moment forward. Good luck and may the clear skin "force" be with you!

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