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Day 4.



Well it's day 4 and here is what I am experiencing:

-Four of the pimples on my right temple have flattened out and are dry. They look ALOT better.

-My lips are dry. Nothing excessive, and regular chapstick is taking care of it right now.

-My face feels tight.

-I have had a mild headache all day. (probably sinus/ allergy related) I am also kind of scared to take motrin or anything for it.

-When I put my contacts in my eyes burnt really bad and got red. They have felt dry all day.

-My scalp hasn't itched today.

-I have felt tired. But then at random points I get bursts of energy.

-3 new pimples formed overnight, and are already at heads. I had to pop one of them because it looked kind of nasty.

-I am thirsty.

No new side effects as of now. I took my 4th pill a few hours ago.

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Wow day 4....good luck with the entire regimen! You are making smart choices about your dermatological health.

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