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A Little History About My Acne




I would like to write a little bit about my experience with acne and how it has affected me.

Acne entered my life when I was 14 years old, that is over 7 years ago, and to this day I haven't had a clear face.

I tried Pro-active, Murad, and every over the counter acne product you can think of. I went to doctors and got prescribed anti-biotics, such as Minocycline, and topical creams such as Benzaclin. In the beginning, they worked for my skin and I didn't have AS much acne, but after a while, the anti-biotics stopped helping and I had to just hope that I would outgrow the acne in my teen years.

High School was a nightmare... I hated being there.. everyday I had to go knowing that people were looking at my hideous face. In between classes I would check my acne in the bathroom mirrors, and cry because I was so ugly.

It was just torture being at school, the lighting was so bright, and all that I wanted to do was hide in my bedroom with the lights off. My grades suffered tremendously, as I would skip doing presentations so that people wouldn't look at me. And being around all the pretty girls at school made me feel so so so ugly. I knew no one would ever want to date me and I thought that my friends were embarrassed to be around me. I had no self esteem, I hated myself and I would have given anything to have clear skin.

After high school I learned that I had severe anxiety, and depression, and was prescribed anti-depressants.

The medicine did help a little with my fear of being around people and hiding in bed. But it never fixed how I felt about myself, it just made it easier to cope with the fact that I was ugly.

I believe that acne triggered my depression and anxiety, and it made me have no self esteem. sad.png

I am now twenty-one, and my acne is worse than ever. I have horrible cystic acne that is extremely painful and I can't take it anymore.

I want to be free of acne, I want to live a life where I don't have to worry about covering my face with pounds of makeup, and crying because it won't go away. I want to let people take pictures of me. I want to finish college and be able to go out with my friends. I want to go outside and let the light hit my face without panicking, but I can't.

This August I finally went to my dermatologist and we both agreed that Accutane was the best option for me. I tried every other product for acne. Every face wash, cream, skin peel, and even light therapy. None of those worked. Accutane was my last hope.

A lot of people say the side effects of Accutane are very dangerous, but to me, the anxiety, depression and low self esteem are far worse for my health than any side effects accompanied with Accutane

If you read this all, (I know I wrote a lot) thank you for taking the time. I just wanted to put my personal experience out there, in hopes that others can relate to it, even if it's just one person.

I will post updates about my journey with Accutane and hopefully over the next several months my acne will go away and it will bring hope to others who are struggling with acne just as I am.



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I can relate to your story on some level. My acne wasn't that bad when I was in school, but it got really bad this year. It started ruining my life. Literally. I wouldn't go out. I didn't want to see any of my friends. And I felt disgusting all the time. Pictures? Yeah, right :) Anyway, the thing about Accutane is that it will work. Just take good care of yourself and get blood work done regularly.

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I can totally relate to you! I have suffered from acne for about 8 years..some really bad years with acne, some a little better. However, this last year my skin went insane on me and I finally got the OK to start accutane at the end of January. I know how you feel..not wanting to do school presentations, not wanting to be in the sun, and avoiding social situations at all costs. Our twenties are meant to be LIVED, not hiding in our rooms with tears running down our faces. I hope that accutane will be the answer for the both of us..we deserve to go out, feel pretty, and be young and free!! A few months from now, we will have clear skin and finally be able to live our lives. In the meantime, it's time we take control and not let acne control us. Let's hold our heads up high, put our smiles on, and act confident regardless of our skin. I can't wait to see the progress of our skin and our outlook on life!

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