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Day 22 - Weight, Spreadsheet, And Back Acne + Spreadsheet How-To



More peeling around the lips. The right corner cracked something fierce, but I brought it back to normal with my lip balm and some vaseline. My scalp's kind of dry and I haven't shampooed in 3 days, but that's as far as I'll take it. I've put on some weight. Now, I don't think you could tell just by looking at me, which is weird, but I went from 140 lbs to 144.5 lbs. Must be the sunflower seeds smile.png Then again, even with the sunflower seeds I'm pretty sure I've been eating less fat than before.

I still have one whitehead or pustule on the face most of the time, but when I was putting on some lotion in the morning, I noticed that my shoulders were a lot smoother than usual, and that means tane's finally working its way to my back!

nbkyrww's latest blog entry inspired me to create my own spreadsheet:


Honestly, I can't wait to be put on a higher dose. If my blood test results are ok, I'm pretty sure I'm going to want to go straight to 60mg. That won't happen for another 38 days, though, because my derm put me on 30 mg for two whole months.

If you want to make your own self-updating spreadsheet, here's how to do it smile.png

Type in the goal and start date by yourself. For today's date, use

To get the current day, type in
Replace X with the cell number for today's date (e.g. B2) and Y with the cell number for the start date (e.g. C2). So, for me it looks like this:
If you're using Microsoft Office and the =DAYS() function doesn't work, you can also simply subtract the start date from today's date:
To get the current total, just take the cell number for "today's day" and multiply it by your dose in mg. In my case that's D2 and 30:
If you want to see how much you got left until you reach your goal, subtract the current total from your goal. For me, it's
And finally, if you want to see your progress as a percentage of your treatment, take the current total, divide it by the goal, and multiply it by a hundred. My current total is in E2 and my goal is 9750 mg:

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