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I Found The Cure To Acne



...and it was there all along

hi. im going clear everyone's acne who reads this blog. your acne will be cleared.

recently i did more research. i found some interesting stuff. go to google and type in "huffington post acne milk sugar" click on the first link.

read it and be amazed!

go back to google and type in "australian womens weekly acne diet" click on the first link

go back to google and type in "

A Look at How High Glycemic Foods may Cause Acne" click on the first link

then use ncbi to look up the studies on how high glycemic diet is linked to acne in countries like Malaysia and South Asia. one study said 0 people out of 1000 who at low glycemic diet had acne. about 80% of the people who at high glycemic had acne.

so what does this all mean for us? acne is still genetic. but, a high glycemic diet, ice cream and especially milk cause it for most sufferers of acne. it also means all those things at the store are mostly useless like proactive. it means all those medicines like tetracycline, differin, benoyl peroxide!, and accutane are just dangerous and not needed and usually dont work. once you go off them here comes the acne back. usually they kill good bacteria and make your acne caused by superbacteria which are much harder to deal with after. but NO FEAR

there are some simple ways to get rid of acne and you dont even have to make a huge change to your diet

have you ever heard people say that people with acne should eat like a diabetic? well its true! but there are several things that lower insulin resistance and decrease its release. and its all backed up by scientific studies you can find on ncbi.

-apple cider vinegar or any other type of vinegar added to a meal decreases insulin release by 30%. what does this mean for us? we can still eat that high glycemic diet we just need to drink a little bit of vinegar with it everytime we eat these foods. doing this will lower the insulin release and prevent acne.

-cinnamon! 5g a day decreases insulin signifigantly!

-garlic, almonds, and onions all decrease it as well

-vitamin d!!! decreases it as well by a huge number. in 1933 a study was done and 76% of people cleared up from acne within 3 months when they took 5,000 iu vitamin d a day


-evening primrose oil! (1000mg twice a day!)

i only found this info last week and i almost cried when i realized it was true. i wish i would have known this 6 years ago so i wouldnt have taken all the meds that i thought my doctor knowingly perscribed to help me. i've been drinking just apple cider viengar with every meal and im clear along with taking 9,000 iu vitamin d a day! i hope posts like these will make america wake up and realize that their diet has caused them all these health problems

anyway dont thank me for this because it was already on the internet and i know a lot of people on this great site already know about the REAL cause of acne IS HIGH GLYCEMIC FOODS AND MILK see the attachment for a great explanation i found

have a great day guys!



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