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Getting Depressed



Hi, I am 34 year old female. I have never had perfect skin, but it has always been bearable until about 9 months ago. Everything the dermatologist has given me has made my acne worse or not helped at all. About a week ago, I stopped using everything they gave me, except my new antiobiotcis. I thought my acne was clearing up a little bit, but I woke up this morning with about five more knots on my face. At times, I do not even want to go out of the house. I talked to the dermatologist on Friday and made an appointment to get on Accutane, but they said it was a 30 day process to get on it, which was disappointing. I cannot wait to try the Accutane. I feel like it is my last hope. I watch my diet, and I have went through the process of elimination with all the products I use. I just feel like maybe there is something I am missing. I do not see how my face could get so bad so quick and stay bad for so long. Any advice would be helpful! I know I sound depressing; I am just so fed up with it!!


I have the toughest regimen I have ever seen posted on this site. But you asked for advice so here goes: you need the following prescription medications a. Amoxicillin 500mg 3x a day, b. Topical clindamycin,c. Retin-A or differin gel (tretinoin is generic for the Retin-A but differin does not have a generic, pretty costly),d. Benzaclin ( a freshly made at the pharmacy counter mixture of 5%benzoyl peroxide and 1% clindamycin. It comes in a 50 gram little tub and should be kept refrigerated. If you look at my previous two blog entries I describe how to use all of these medications. First, start the day with anti-bacterial dial soap with .46% triclosan. It kills all bacteria on the surface of your face. Second, apply benzaclin to your entire face, not just problem areas, it has to be your whole face. Wait a couple hours, Wash your face again. This time apply the topical clindamycin gel mixed in the palm of your hand with the Retin-A. Once again, cover your entire face and neck if needed. Wait about four hours. Wash your face with purpose gentle cleanser. It is time to be gentle with your skin. Next reapply benzaclin. The directions state that it must be used twice daily. Wait 3.5 hours. wash the benzaclin off and apply cetaphil oil control moisturizer http://www.cetaphil....-spf30/...leave the moisturizer on for 3.5 hours. Wash it off and then apply retin-a mixed with topical antibiotic clindamycin again and then sleep. Throughout the day take your amoxicillin or keflex antibiotic. This is very important because the anti-biotic cleans your blood from the bacteria infestation causing the breakouts. The anti-biotic stops the bacteria from replicating itself and colonzing your pores and other healthy facial tissue see: http://en.wikipedia....ki/Antibiotics

My whole theory on treating acne is based on the principle of "overkill". I keep my face constantly bathed in anti-acne antibacterial medicines and keep my bloodstream full of antibiotics. And guess what? It works. I dont breakout anymore. Maybe one zit a month at the most and its tiny. I have before and after pics in my blog so you can prove to yourself that my regimen is working. I work closely with my dermatologist and my pharmacy to make sure I always have enough of each medication. I probably go to the pharmacist at least three times a month. They key is patience. It took me a full two years to have normal skin again and my regimen is only for those with serious cystic acne. The choice of antibiotic is vital. Many antibiotics dont work or are too nauseating. You need Amoxil or its cousin Keflex. Nothing else works. In order to avoid candida or other yeast problems, be sure to take a probiotic pill, eat yogurt with active cultures or drink kefir. If you have to wera make-up I recommend Neutrogena skin clearing foundation: http://www.neutrogena.com/product/skinclearing+liquid+makeup.do

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Hey, im in a similar situation to you. Im 30 and have suffered with my skin since I was 15. Lately over past few years it got worse and harder to manage and I just thought I am not going to let acne ruin my 30's aswell. So I finally started on Accutane nearly 3 weeks ago and so far im so happy. Ive not had any crazy side effects, just dry lips, I always moisturise my skin and lips anyway so I think its helped keep on top of the dryness. My constantly oily skin is now matt, and any spots I am getting now seem to dry up so quickly. I can see all my clogged pores drying up and been pushed to the surface. I really am surprised by the results so far. Many people get a initial break out which I am still bracing myself for, but so far no more spots than normal.

So go for it!! My skin has made me feel depressed too, but now I feel so excited and like there may finally be a light at the end of the tunnel! I know I may have all the side effects to come as Im pretty early in my course but bring it on, I think its worth it!

Good luck & dont give up :)

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Hi, I am 33 and was suffering from acne for the most of my life. I took accutane for 8 months and it was a positive lifechanging experience! I was on a low dose of 20mg for the most of the time and it was bearable but with many side effects:) My face cleared completely by the end of month 4. I do keep a gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian diet with fish but it never solved anything for me until I tried accutane. Do give it a go. Hope you fins what solves your problem! good luck!:)

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So far my doc will not let me have accutane because of my elevated liver enzymes. Just had my gallbladder out, so I am praying that my gallbladder was the cause of the elevated liver enzymes, but I have to wait another week to get tested again. I am so frustrated! Maybe my liver enzymes are high because I have so much bacteria on my face!! I don't know; I am sure that is not the case, but goodness. I wish they would at least let me at try the accutane and see if it raises my liver enzymes anymore. I guess I am just venting! I have to work tomorrow, and I do not like leaving the house anymore. I am trying to decide if I should put make-up on tomorrow. I know it is not good for my face, but I do not think I can bear the thought of seeing my clients without at least maybe having some base and powder on my face. Any Advice?

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