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Accutane Day 22



DAY 22: yesterday was really hard guys. i had an emotional break down and freaked the f out on my boyfriend (bless his heart) my skin looks terrible.. its really putting me into an emotional state that is really distracting. the appearance of my face just looks unhealthy.. all my pores are the size of hubcaps filled with either white nastiness or black nastiness. i have that stupid cyst by my eye still that is so angry.. its literally so big, that its obstructing my right eyes vision! the cysts on my chin and cheeks that exploded the other day are still raised and look like there not done making my life a living hell. all kinds of new bumps are rising from the dungeons of acne land. i guess this is the IB that i was hoping i would surpass. im going to call my dermatologist to see if she can prescribe me something that will help tame the initial break out.

also, the other day.. i thought i had cracked my lip, but it turns out a cold sore was forming. i immediately treated the area with cold sore medication and it went away. thank the universe! im prone to cold sores and i heard that accutane weakens your immune system, which, in some cases, causes people to have an outbreak, if susceptible to cold sores. im keeping a close eye on those things, because those are the worst, especially when one has acne! (i apologize for all the grammar errors and run on sentences)

i also changed my diet to help with my energy levels. im now eating a paleo diet, which is basically lean meats, veggies, and some fruits and nuts. of course ill have my cheat meals on the weekends, because i love my ice cream and hot cheetos!!! anyway, i think i have noticed a slight difference, then again, its only been a week! if anyone you fellow accutaners have experienced paleo while on the drug, please let me know your thoughts!!! too much vitamin A in sweet potatoes, kale, and spinach?!

in a nut shell, my side effects have been:

chapped lips (premature cold sore)

super dry scalp (itchiness treated with anti itch head and shoulder)

itchy patches on arms (no rashes yet)

initial break out


minor back and shoulder pain

emotional and unreasonable

thats all i can think of right now! it feels so good to type out my thoughts and concerns regarding this journey. no one understands except for my virtual accutane buddies. i love you guys and thank you all for the support.


I hope your dermatologist gives you something to calm that down. I have had severe breakouts in the past where my face just ached. When I put my face down on the pillow it was just painful. Thank god I found a regimen that works. Amoxil, benzaclin, retin-a, and topical clindamycin, oil free moisturizer from cetaphil and anti-bacterial soap alternating with purpose gentle cleanser. I cannot even remember the last time I had a real bad cyst..its been months...maybe even a year...

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Hey! I'm also on a kind of paleo diet except I don't eat much meat.i have been on it for 7 days, it has given me more energy and I'm working out more too. I eat lots of spinach and don't find that it bothers me. Hope your IB subsides, I got one too. it's the worst. I'm out of it now and on day 32, just dealing with scarring. hope you're okay I know how terrible it feels, you don't feel like seeing anyone when your face is so abnormal :( just curl up and watch some movies and think about how happy you'll be in a couple of months with clear skin <3

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Hey girl, hope your IB goes away real soon. And once it does, it'll be smooth sailing from there on out :) Sweet potatoes and kale have way too much vitamin A. It'd probably be worse than taking a vitamin A supplement :S Hang in there and keep us posted!

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amoxilworx I hope so too! I'm going to call her tomorrow. It really makes me happy to hear that you found a regimen that works for you. I can't wait for the day to say that I haven't had a cystic break out in forever!! That is so awesome, I'm kind of jealous! ;)

MollDoll Thank you for the response! I was supposed to go out last night with some friends, but I decided not to because of my skin(of course) and definitely curled up and watched a movie.

Are you worried about your Vitamin A intake on Paleo? I'm going to ask my Derm tomorrow when I call her. Also, how long did your IB last?

inndem I had a feeling that the sweet potatoes and kale might be risking it. And of course, I just went to the market and bought a bunch of those two things! I'm really hoping that all these bumps will dry up before next week, because I am going to be working a lot and wont have time to stress out about my skin.

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