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okay so this might be long but i have many questions. okay so i had this pimple on my chin and i found 3 months later it was a cyst and the dermatologist did some high powered electric needle thing to it and i thought it was gonna go away but it came back....smaller and not as raised but still it came back. anyways i got the electric needle thing done again and it isnt a bump usually. what i mean is that when i go to sleep and then wake up in the morning it is slightly raised but like within an hour it isnt a bump...why the heck is it only a slight bump afer ive been laying down? its like it got filled with something overnight then goes awy. also, its pinkish red so its visible and has been the bane of my existence for the past 5 months!

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wow, you must be so tempted to squeeze it and pop it open and drain the pus and blood out of it...I know that sounds crass but really, what other options are there. It refuses to heal. I think you really need to be on Amoxil or Keflex at around 1,500mg a day. I'm no doctor but I never get those kind of space alien pimples anymore that just never heal up on their own. Using an antibiotic causes them to disappear because the bacteria inside are dying and so less pus is produced. I have had the needle thing done once. It was an injection of some kind and it basically did nothing. I ended up popping it and then it healed over with a brown scab. The scab did its job and eventually fell off leaving a dark mark which has since faded (after three months).side bar-I was just sitting outside on my back porch which is screened in with my laotop when this huge wind came up and hail and rain to go with it...so I've moved myself indoors...end sidebar...Anywho, since I reembraced the "antibiotic" lifestyle I have clear skin. I have before and after pics to prove it. I say pop your monster zit, let it heal and then start a course of anti-biotics. It will help.

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