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Day 82 Week 12?! Month 3



I'm having a really hard time right now

I have broken out so bad in the last few days they I keep breaking down crying , I have eleven actives , my face looks like a pepperoni , I even have random 2 big red spots under my eye lids , my right cheek has exploded , 5 cysts that side sore and scabby ! 3 on my chin 1 on left cheek and 2 on my forehead and sick red marks..

Can someone tell me if this is normal at this stage in treatment ?

I was hoping to have a clear skinned Christmas , this is clearly no way going to happen.

I have cleared from antibiotics in the past in the space of 10-12 weeks so how the hell is accutane making my skin worse after 12 weeks of use!!

I'm trying to not cry but I just want to be out of this miserable hell and be back to normal me having fun and enjoying life


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My dose was upped on day 50 so 32 days ago , I changed make up around 3 weeks ago , and I'm on time of the month also but can't think of anything else

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Is there a reason why you cant take Amoxil or Keflex along with accutane? Or at least a topical antibiotic like clindamycin or topical erythryomycin?

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Some people don't clear until month 5/6. Be strong, you'll be okay. I know your patience dies after so long suffering from this shitty acne but we're here with you. it's a struggle but clear skin will come. Just treat your skin gently <3

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