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Day 18 On Spironolactone



No real change in the last 2 days. Still have 2 areas on my chin that are swollen... they haven't grown too much, but they also aren't budging, so I'm really nervous they are going to keep swelling and become stubborn like all the others I used to deal with. Blah. I'm taking 100mg/day now, 50mg in the am and 50mg at night. Also sticking with the 200mg/day of doxy, which I've been on for more than 3 months now. Not sure that's really doing anything, but might as well keep taking it until I see my skin clear up because I don't want to change too many factors all at once. All the spiro reviews said it takes about 3 months to see real results, so I just need to be patient. I was just so excited when I saw such an improvement in my overall skin texture in the first 2 weeks! But 2 cysts aren't the end of the world I guess. Although sometimes it feels that way.

I've been drinking water and green tea and eating lots of anti-inflammatory veggies (who knows if that really helps.....) but at least mentally I'm trying to stay calm and not let myself feel all the anxiety I used to feel when I got a cystic breakout. I honestly think that when I get stressed about it, it gets 10 times worse because my hormones (and body in general) goes into panic mode. I'm also babying my skin a lot more. I used to be pretty aggressive (washing a lot, picking - bad I know! - and just generally beating it up with a dozen different products) and now I'm trying to stick to washing only twice a day (versus 3 times, since the urge when I get home from work is to just scrub my face!!) once in the am and once at night, and be very gentle so I don't break or irritate my skin's surface even more. My redness has decreased a little from that, but still getting these pesty cysts apparently. Okay spiro, time to kick in!!!! I'm ready for this IB to be over and to get on with those great results other women have raved about! :)


3 times a day?! holy mol-e! When I had acne at my worse. When Doxy stopped working for me, my face was a wreck. New pimples each day. At work I could feel them growing. And it was def hard not to touch my face because of how intensely bad it itched and hurted... Ugh I know the feeling.

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Sounds like you're having a textbook response to spiro which is promising! Sending positive thoughts your way!

Thank you!!

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