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I have had severe cystic acne for over 20 years. I am 38 years old and the breakouts began right around my 15th birthday. Within the last two years I have seen a complete reversal. I never breakout anymore. Why? Because I am now under the care of a brilliant female dermatologist. I mention the fact that she is female to remind everyone that women are capable of professional brilliance. My regimen is as follows: Take 1,500mg of Amoxil (and it has to be amoxil, other antibiotics do nothing), use topical antibiotic clindamycin, use a mixture of clindamycin gel and benzoyl peroxide cream called "Benzaclin" (I use the generic version twice daily). And lastly, Retin-A (tretinoin is the generic version). For moisturizer I use strictly oil free cetaphil or nuetrogena http://www.cetaphil....sturizer-spf30/ or http://www.neutrogen...ture spf 35.do. Basically our whole concept is to wage an all out war on bacteria. If bacteria is left untreated it spreads and gets control of more tissue..ie more pimples emerge. The best way to combat acne is to attack it on all fronts. The Retin-A prevents pores from clogging with dead skin and sebum (oil). Benzoyl peroxide adds oxygen to the pores. Bacteria can't thrive in an oxygen rich environment. Benzoyl peroxide also dries up sebum (oil produced by pores). Sebum is basically food for the bacteria that cause acne. The topical antibiotic Clindamycin works by preventing the bacteria from replicating itself. It shuts down acne's reproductive system. Benzaclin has both anti-biotic and benzoyl peroxide in one tub. If you buy benzaclin you will notice that it is made and mixed up fresh by your pharmacist or a member of the pharmacy team. A label is then placed on the tub giving the benzaclin a three months expiration date. It is also best to store your benzaclin in the fridge. Acne hates benzaclin. When you first start using benzaclin you will have very dry skin. It is important never to use anything but an oil-free moisturizer on your face.Since you will be using Retin-A, the Retin-A should take care of peeling skin. It rinses right off when you wash your face. Make-up wont work with this regimen. However, if you are desperate to "cover up" I recommend http://www.neutrogen...sortby=ourPicks or http://www.neutrogen...sortby=ourPicks

The topical clindamycin is in a water based gel form and should be used after washing off the benzaclin. Its anti-biotic and moisturizing properties are gentle on your healing skin but tough on acne causing bacteria. Never give up!


Thanks ms8thwonder. I have been looking for cures for decades. I am one of those old timers with acne so I have tried just about everything. I researched different products and then asked my dermatologist for multiple prescriptions to combat the acne infestation. After two years acne finally gave way to clear skin. The most important thing I have to remember is that just because I am acne free now does'nt mean I can lay off the meds. I keep the same routine everyday to remain zits free! When I used to wash my face I could feel rough patches nodules and scabby bumps ALL OVER my face. I also did not have health insurance. It was a disaster. Some days my face would just ache from all the cyts and pustules, Even worse, some of the larger cysts would burst open on their own and leak pus onto my face without me knowing. Thats how full and ready to burst the pustules were. NIGHTMARE! That is why I am so committed to my war on acne. Anti-biotics should never be feared. They kill bacteria and thats what we need. I know I am going on about this but if you look at my last blog entry I have some pretty scary before pics. And some pretty inspiring after pics, but it took two years to kill off the bacteria enough to stop the breakouts. Right now in my medicine cabinet I have three bottles of anti-biotics. Why? I need to stay in control of acne and refuse to let it ruin my life. My advice to you is, if you have pimples on your face, demand your dermatologist do more. Even when on accutane you deserve the right to use benzaclin or even an oral antibiotic like Keflex. Of course I am no doctor so I dont know if an oral antibiotic would interfere with accutane's effectiveness. I feel so sad when I read about so many of you having initial breakouts that could easily be prevented by benzaclin or acanya or Amoxil or Keflex. I will never let acne take my face again! I am a pest to my dermatologist. I call her office at least once amonth if I feel a flare up coming, she then prescribes me a higher dose of Keflex or Amoxil and the breakout stops. You have to engage your dermatologist and let her know, my face is still being ravaged by acne. If you do, she will increase your meds and offer more alternatives. You cant just walk in and get a prescription for ie...differin gel and walkout expecting to be cured. You need multiple prescriptions. I have five medications that I use everyday with great results. Never believe that acne cant be cured to the point of irrelevance. My face is smooth now and I am just waiting 3hrs to apply my next medications, Retin-a mixed with topical antibiotic, clindamycin. After that I reapply benzaclin..and so on.. the point is that during all waking and sleeping hours I have a tough acne fighter on my face and neck. Not to mention taking 1,000s of milligrams of high dose anti-biotics. Imagine, when does a pimple have the chance to form while I have consistently applied so many prescriptions to my face day and night. It doesn't. Acne has no chance. My face is constantly bathed in medication. The moment I lay off the meds, the acne makes a startling reemergence. Horrifying! Best of luck to you in your battle for clear skin. Come armed with the best acne fighters you can get!! I am considering going back on spironolactone but only if my dermatologist allows me to stay on my antibiotics. I refuse to go through an initial breakout, ever!

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i feel so sad while reading all this,as a woman who has suffered acne for more than 30yrs,my own children started the battle aaged 11yrs,they are now 11 and 18yrs old ,i finally worn the war 6 months ago,and my kids too,my dermatologists is now so amazed he has started recomending others to use my way,and now am on the fight against acne,everytime i see an acne victim,i will syop and have a little chat.I no longer need any anti biotics or any harsh prescriptions,lotions,i have explained my way on my facebook account,acnefreeme,just add me as a friend.I have always been afraid of the many medications out there concerning pregnancy and the effects it can have,and i stopped taking anything internally when i decided i wanted children,i was 23 yrs old,the acne ofcourse never ever left my side,am now free of it,by knowing how to control it,find out more on my fb page

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