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So Frustrated Nobody Understands



just got back from the docs office. basically she looked at my skin and was like "ohhh its not that bad, i dont see anything just freckles.." and im like thinking in my head OMG U dumb bitch CLEARLY i have acne and do NOT look normal why are saying its fine???? Like if SHE had on her face what i have on mine shed probably freak out. So basically then she asked me why i said i didnt wanna go an accutane again and i told her id rather not be on it during school because i would not be able to go to school every day with crusty accutane skin...not that she was gonna give it to me anyway.... i ended up getting steivamycin gel or watever which i HAVE HAD BEFORE!! she asked me if i had it before and i said it sounded familiar but she apparently checked my file and i didnt have it before so she gave it to me...and when i got home i checked my med history sheet i have from the drugstore and YES I HAVE BEEN ON IT BEFORE 4 YEARS AGO obviously it didnt work, most topicals dont theyre just a huge waste of time. Im not even filling the stupid prescription. Like but what do i do now?? Ya so my skin HAPPENED to be on a "good" day when i went to see my doc, but tomorrow its probably gonna be terrible again and here i am stuck with NO MEDS to fix it FML. i literally dont even know what to do anymore. nobody gets it. Ya so my face isnt totally COVERED in acne but that doesnt mean i look normal in any way, or that i dont have to get up super early every day and spend 30 mins covering my disgusting skin... maybe ill just cut my face off, it would probably be an improvement. ALSO my dad looked at my skin and hes like OMG whats the problem.. like as if i had the skin of an angel...so i specifically pointed out every last little spot i have to him and hes like OHHH nobody even cares you cant even notice..like as if im hallucinating this shit and the way i feel about my skin is totally irrational and unjustified. seriously i dont even care i just want accutane again but im afraid my doc wont give it to me again now. The next time i go see her im gonna pick my skin SO MUCH the night before to make sure its all red and nasty when i go see her so i can get my motherfucking accutane and try the cycle again and hopefully be done with acne....UGH life is so unfair and the world hates me fuck.


You sound like me back when I was in high school. I ignore the doctors, didn't fill prescriptions or fill it and not use it. Thinking they're stupid. Guess what, 10 years later I had to go back to the doctors. What you're doing is costly (for your parents?) and not helping your skin.

Voice all this opinion to your doctor. Doctor appointments cost money, you shouldn't just go, get a prescription and not use it...or get the wrong prescription. Call up your doctor tell him that you have already used this 4 years ago and it didn't work. Get a new prescription. The most important thing is to have open communication with your doctor. They cannot read your mind.

Yeah the baby talking to you might seem annoying, but is he a family doctor or does he deal with kids? I don't know. I had the opposite. I went in and thinking I had mild acne and my doctor told me straight out I have severe and recommended Accutane because I'm 27 and I won't have mood swings then asked if I had any questions to call her. I got all my money's worth every visit.

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I know what it's like, but trust me, it's better when people say "it's not that bad" than when they say stuff like, "Omg you have A LOT of pimples" when you're at the store doing your grocery shopping oO my brother did that to me once and I wanted to hide and cry so bad, I can't even. It made me feel like crap for over a week. I didn't want to go anywhere or be seen by anyone whatsoever. And yeah, I agree with nbkyrww. Call your doctor!

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Get a referral to a dermatologist. If it was a dermatologist you saw then try to see a different one. Tell your clinic you want a second opinion. Meanwhile go on the regimen, at least its a place to start. I am talking about Dan Kern's regimen. While you are doing that attempt to find a new dermatology clinic if you cant get a second opinion. Take control of your care. Demand results. I once had a WACK dermatologist, she put me on Yaz and differin and only 40mg of antibiotic. I stayed pus faced and rocky. I fired her and filed a complaint against her at the Medical Ethics Board. I lost the complaint but I gave her a piece of my mind. Demand your dermatologist prevent breakouts, its their job! I would shy away from the picking due to possible scarring. Dont hate your face, hate acne. Cutting off your face is not an unusual thought when we feel frustrated, I recommend you read my last two blogs and try to get a derm to put you on my regimen. My regimen kills the fuck out of acne.It requires: Retin-A, benzaclin, amoxil or keflex. topical clindamycin. Try it. In two years you will have completely clear skin. I guarantee it. Also differin gel is a substitute for Retin-A. Be sure to check out my before and after pics. I want you to channel all your hate and anger towards acne, not towards your injured face. Acne is a series of wounds that need healing and prevention. Use salicylic acid wipes and benzoyl peroxide face wash and cream. From your doctor you'll get the heavy anti-biotics like Amoxil or Keflex-both of them are very tough and do not cause nausea or yeast infections. I know I have been on them for two years. Some worry about bacterial resistance. We cross that bridge when we come to it. You can always switch to another antibiotic if that happens. But keep killing bacteria and keep loving your beautiful wounded face. *smooch*@your cheek!

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I totally get what you're saying. After awhile you're just labeled as that person who will always have acne. My friends and family would always say "You're always picking at your face and that's why it won't heal." They would never listen when I would say that they won't go away until I do pick at them because they would stay under my skin for weeks, not to mention the pain from the pressure under my skin. But a friend of mine started selling a product called Unblemish by Rodan and Fields and I was scared to spend money on something that wouldn't work, but it did. 20 years of fighting acne and something finally worked. I never realized how bad I felt about myself before. Crazy!

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