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The Beginning




I'm not new to acne.org but have been looking at the site fro a very long time and have finally decided to set up an account.

I suppose I should introduce myself:

Im female, 17 and have had acne for the past 4 years with little rest from the mild-moderate cyctic breakouts. sad.png sad face...

I have tried everything at the supermarket, chemist, BP, levelen ED, Diane, Yasmin (generic name Issabelle) and doxycycline.

The only two things that worked were doxycycline which actually caused oesophagus damage and made me feel sick all the time - to the point of staying home from school for 2 weeks.

An best of all, Yasmin. What a beautiful pill! My acne cleared up in the first few weeks with this pill and I did not habe any side effect what so ever, not even an Initial Breakout. Unfortunetly I still gat cysts when I am stresses and I am doing year 12 next year so have to kill the acne before then.

My acne however mild has caused me great psychological damage. I have developed an emense fear of public speaking and social anxiety which stops me from doing the things I want sometimes.

My derm told me that I had tried everything so I might as well go on a low dose of accutane. eusa_dance.gif whick should be good, I hope.

I have never had an initial breakout on any product or medication that I have tried before. And I'd just like to ask if you guys think that I will have one on accutane 20mg? wavey.gif thanks!

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