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La La La La



My skin is clearing, the weather is fining, I almost feel like singing ding dong the witch is dead. Almost. But I won't put you through that. That would hurt. You'd stop being my friend. And let's face it, your life would become infinitely less cool because of it.

So, this is awkward, what do I talk about? Since this is essentially a blog about organ irregularities I'm going to talk to you about some of my other organs. My large intestine... nah

I'll talk about something I can't really talk about with anyone else at the moment (mostly because a lot of my close friends live too far away). That's right, some juicy gossip. I think like this girl, She's pretty cute, blondy brown hair, a nice smile and very clear skin. We get along really well, we even kind of dirty dance together when we're drunk. But and here's the but, she has a boyfriend... in another country... a long-term one. Can you say Dayum.

I'll leave you with a song that we danced together to at a halloween party. That was one fun night.

My favourite part is the synchronised 90s Eurotrash dancing. Brilliant!