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Finally Feeling Better-Ish And I Think Biotin Broke Me Out

Know Hope


I've been seriously bummed the last few days - it's a function of that time of the month and a new cyst/pimple/THING on my cheek that's been there since Sunday. I really hate that half the month is such a miserable time for me. I go to a naturopath tomorrow. I'm determined to get the mood stuff and hormonal acne bullshit figured out once and for all. I also go to a new derm next week and I will ask about spiro and low dose accutane and any other options I might have.

So the advice for PMSing ladies is to take B-complex. I've read before that biotin could cause acne, so I've avoided it. But it's in B-complex . Last week I picked a formulation with the lowest amount of biotin, and then kind of forgot about it.

I break out before my period like clockwork, but this breakout was a bit different, more stubborn, and I felt oily and gross - like I remember feeling as a teenager.

Then I realized - maybe it's the biotin. And now that I think about, I probably used to take multi-vitamins with biotin when I was a teenager and that might have contributed to my acne all those years ago.

I don't consistently take a multi-vitamin any more but I just realized that has biotin too. So I will just avoid biotin from now on. I don't think it fully caused the breakout, but it might've exacerbated things.

Not taking a daily dose of SP definitely had an impact too. I had sore boobs, cramps and a heavy period (ugh, still going through it), after not having those issues for the last few months.

Despite everything, I do feel better today. Is it a coincidence that my boyfriend is out of town? Probably not. Once again, the stress I feel when he is around is such a huge factor in my emotional well being and probably my skin. And it's totally not his fault. It's just my brain pressures me to be perfect for him. So much of this is all in my head. I know acne sufferers hate hearing that, because it makes them feel guilty, but I think it has a real impact. If I have a meeting that I'm dreading, my skin will flare up. It's like my skin is my passive aggressive way of getting out of doing shit I don't want to do. It's like a defense mechanism. Except it doesn't work because I can't just hole up in my room by myself anymore. ANyway, I'm not going to worry about moving in with him - that will not happen until my acne is under control, period. Telling myself that has already made me feel better. All of these ideas are from the Skin Deep book by Dr. Grossbart btw. i started the book but have not finished it - I must finish it!

Okay, enough babbling for now....


I know exactly how you feel :( I really think my acne cysts come out when I'm stressed, relative to hormones, which ALWAYS happens to be before I travel (gross, meeting new people for work with huge breakouts), before holidays (meeting my boyfriends family), before weddings (makes for yucky photos) or any other "large" event. It totally sucks, but I try and just take deep breaths and remember that my family and friends and boyfriend love and care about me, and a cyst shouldn't change that. But it's hard to do!!! Easier said than done. I'm sorry, I totally feel your pain. Hang in there, and I'll keep you posted on how my spiro treatment goes :)

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