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Day 10 - Accutane



Really today should be day 11, but I forgot to take it today. Very unfortunate. Got busy with work and forgot. I will wait for tomorrow morning's dose.

I now feel like I have hair lice. I am so itcy on and around hairline. I am now very flaky. My hair requires very moisture-rich shampoo or it will strip my hair and overly dry it. Therefore, no head and shoulders for me, at least for now. I will do my best to make it through this without killing my hair.

Yesterday when I washed it, I put lots of oil on my scalp afterwards for relief.

Only aquaphor quenches my lips of moisture. I'm going to have to get something larger than the sample size the Dr. gave me. Aquaphor is my best friend.

The big pimple on forehead is scabbing now.

Luckily, these seem to be the only side effects I'm having.