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Accutane Day 19



DAY 19: HOLY BLACK HEADS!!!! thats all i can really say right now! they are all over my cheeks and my face all of a sudden got super super dry and flaky today. the cyst below my eye is ginormous and painful. all the other cysts on my chin and cheeks exploded this morning, so now they are dry, scabby bumps. blah! also, time to get some new makeup that's more moisturizing. any suggestions? any suggestions on face moisturizers?


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I use CeraVe moisturizer. Also don't squeeze your black heads. I know it's tempting and that's what I did but don't do it!

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amoxilworx thank you for sending me those links. im going to go to the drug store tomorrow and see whats cheaper. the only time i wear make up is when i have to work, which unfortunately is becoming more often since the holidays are coming up. i usually take off my make up as soon as i get home, because i feel like a cake face. yuck! its getting really hard now because my IB is in full force. :(

nbyrww thanks for the response.. im going to look into cerave tommorw. ive heard great things about the line. i am trying so hard not to squeeze those nasty little things. its really frustrating!!

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