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So today I caught myself being dumb. No surprise I guess ;) This whole time I've always been soo self-conscious of my skin- overly aware when people get close to me- in fact so bad that at times I'd switch sides with whoever so only my "good" side was visible.

But tonight when I was out with a few friends-- I realized something when a couple of people were introduced to me- both girls. I noticed both of them had acne. But it was such a subliminal realization that I found myself only fully noting it as I reminisced about the night on my drive home!

  1. I say all that to say- the fact that they had acne DID NOT keep me from enjoying their company, having a blast, and making some incredible new friends.
  2. the fact that they had acne DID NOT keep THEM from enjoying their night either!

So I call myself dumb because after all these years of struggling with acne and caring so much about what others think- tonight I've come to the conclusion that people don't really care or notice others with acne in the midst of the moment. ---

Even though both girls were dealing with acne- they enjoyed themselves- and I enjoyed their company- and I can't speak for them- but I can speak for myself when I say their acne was not on my mind.

I'm just happy because they didn't seem to care and did not allow a skin problem keep them from enjoying a perfectly livable night...

If only I had been that strong when I was at my worst!!


Your story is inspirational. You are bringing up everyone's self esteem. Although I no longer suffer with acne due to my constant treatment and prevention (with the help of a very expert dermatologist, Alexia). Love the attitude, keep sharing!

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The last intern had more acne than me but she had the biggest personality I know! Her friendliness was infectious and everyone opens up to her. She has lunch with her coworkers everyday and invites everyone out for happy hour every week. It really is all about confidence.

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