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Week 2!



I can't believe it's only been 2 weeks! The progress my skin has made this past week has been more than I had ever anticipated. I would have been happy if this were the end result! Last week I shared how I was experiencing the initial breakout... buuutttt maybe I was wrong. It was still the worst breakout I had ever experienced, not in quantity but the size of the few I had and the pain it was causing!!

My acne to begin with was moderate, maaaaybe mild-moderate. I've always been able to hide it with makeup but over time have progressed to be 'that lady' who won't go to the grocery store without makeup on. I didn't realize how much it had been impacting my self esteem and ability to socialize.

I'm still experiencing fatigue, chapped lips, dry hands/feet, achy back is a new symptom (but that could have just been the 9 hour shift standing on my feet at work). A new symptom I've had this week is sun sensitivity and that hot feeling your skin has after being sunburnt. Weird.I have also been waking up at night because my neck will have the same hot feeling (this may also be because we're just now transitioning to winter here in texas and I haven't got the whole thermostat thing down yet hah).

I have started using clinique's redness solution 3 piece kit. As I had mentioned last time, I had been diagnosed with rosacea and was on antibiotics to treat it. After getting off the antibiotics (I've been off about a month now), my face always had a red tint to it, no matter how much foundation/powder etc i used!! I had tried a sample of clinique's redness solution daily relief cream a few months back and loved it! I'm obsessed with everything else clinique and considering their the only brand that doesn't irritate my overly sensitive skin I figured I'd give the redness kit a shot and I'm so glad I did. No more blotchy red skin, I now have smooth porcelain like skin. It can only get better from here. In conjunction with the kit, I have been using their moisture surge moisturizer on my face and using all about eyes rich around my eyes morning and evening and havent experienced ANY dryness. I highly reccomend any of the products ive discussed (for guys too! they dont have flowery smells or anything, no shame in moisturizing!) I have still been applying clindamycin lotion at least once a day as well hoping this will help with any breakouts.

I hope I didn't bore y'all too much with my product raving! I've just been thrilled that something finally works! Feel free to contact me or leave comments/questions!blogentry-187954-0-92549200-1354157137_tblogentry-187954-0-31530100-1354157260_tblogentry-187954-0-58758400-1354157383_tblogentry-187954-0-34832400-1354157521_t


Your regimen sounds bold and awesome! I always buy big box brands like Nuetrogena and Cetaphil. You are convincing me to try department store products although I am still a bit reluctant due to the prices. Looking forward to your next update. It sounds from your blog style that you are an accutane, am I right?

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Sorry I'm just getting back to you! I was using cetaphil before, and even their lotion would sometimes burn my super sensitive face! The face wash is pretty good though. Though cliniques prices are a bit high I feel like it's worth it for something that I use twice a day and its actually working?! I can't put a price tag on that (and I'm a cheap college student!). I am on accutane 20 mg twice daily, and I'm starting my second month today! Good luck to you!

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