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There's Never A Dull Moment With Accutane! 2 Week Mark



One day i'm like YAY and the next i'm like nay. Ups and downs with Accutane. One day it seems like progress is looking amazing and the next I have new pimples. 2 days ago I wanted to write a blog but i didn't because it hadn't been two weeks. I was super excited that day because I finally paid attention to my skin since I had been obsessing over my hair that had been purple, gray and platinum (bleaching problems). [email protected] not a natural blonde problems.

I had noticed the left side of my face had cleared up really well. Well that island of pimples all smothered together had gone away.

Today not so excited because I have three new pimples on my right side of my face.

On a more positive note the pimples on the sides of my face by my hair line are all cleared, completely clear there where i was having a lot of trouble with. I still have a good amount of pimples on my face, small ones. They have all greatly reduced in size and I can say that I have gone to severe to mild now. I just feel like progress is so slow.... Ive been on Cephalexin for 3 weeks now and a couple of days. Along with accutane for now 2 weeks and the pimples in my opinon are still a lot and have only reduced in sized...

The skin on my face seems the same not flaking or peeling. Pigmentation still really awful. I cannot tell how my progress is going until I put makeup on covering the redness and showing the actual bumps (pimples) which makes me feel bad for guys who obviously don't put on makeup and deal with the pigmentation.

Side Effects:

The only constant side effect is the dry lips. Which oddly enough I really enjoy, I have naturally small lips and now they look much "fuller".

The sensitivity to the sun is such a pain in the rear! Oh yes and I was in the sun for only 2 minutes and my nose burned.

The constant side effects from cephalexin again are the bowel movements.

My nose on the inside gets terribly dry so I dab Cetaphil lotion in there.

No joint paints yet, thankyoubabyjesus.


I swear by cephalexin. That shi* works. Stick with it. Accutane is powerful acne prevention tool. Your regimen sounds kick AS*.

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