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Marijuana Hemp Seed Oil Changed My Life



Alright I have always been a chronic smoker of weed until the past 6 months or so because they give out drug test at where i work. Now sometime last year i stumbled across some hemp moisturizer when i was at a hair salon getting a haircut. It was called hempz(with a Z instead of a S)so i dished out the 20 dollars, got in the shower and put it on my face. The next morning i noticed my skin was a lot less red and blotchy(that was thanks to years of benzol peroxide which in my opinion is useless). Within a few days my pimples started getting smaller in size even the new ones that would come up wouldn't be has severe and has red like they use to be so they wouldn't look has embarrasing. After a month i had just about no pimples at all on my face and my scars were healing up a lot faster. The only problem was that i stilled had alot of pimples on my back. I never really had many on my chest but my back was smattered with them. So I ordered some PURE BC hemp oil here in my home country canada because its not allowed to be grown in the us. Any hemp products like moisturizer thats made in the U.S. has to be shipped from canada and then turned into the desired product. When it arrived i took a swig and had to chase it back with like half a can of pepsi because it tasted awful(but it works). Then Soon after(i say within a couple of months) every one of my back zits were gone.

My only regret is that I didn't know about this 10 years ago when I first started getting pimples. But even out of all that i started smoking weed when i was 15 and the severity did go down a little bit. The one time when i did quit smoking weed i was for one month in university.

Soon after i quit(because i couldnt afford it lol) i had the worst outbreak ever. I had this golf ball size monster pop out in the middle of my forehead and monsterous bumps just poped out everywhere. So soon after i got my 3000 dollar student grant from the government and started smoking the mary jane again. Then my cystic acne went back down to the moderate stage again until i discovered hemp oil 4 years later then it went down to absolutley nothing!!!

Marijuana is the only known substance on earth with a perfect omega 6 and omega 3 ratio of 3:1. It also contains a lot of healthy vitamins like A,B,C, D and E(The perfect vitamin supplement. but in my opinion the main acne healing properties of this plant is that perfect 3:1 ratio of omega fatty acid and this plant is the perfect answer to achieve that perfect ratio, no more and no less. This plant got it all just about every essential vitamin and every thing else. Just do a bit of research into it and give it a shot because theres nothing to lose. Even if you don't have acne drinking a bit of hemp will make you a lot healthier with out having to get high and fail your drug test.

Don't expect to find products like this in the commercials because it actually works, it's healthy and it'll put those vitamin companies out of business.

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I so agree with you. One exciting note about my home state Minnesota..there is buzz about legalizing marijuana. I don't mean medical marijuana either. We are trying to make all marijuana legal at all times. There is already talk of putting a 25% tax on it. Honestly, I dont care what it costs, I will be a repeat customer wherever it is sold. Keeping pot illegal is from the dark ages!! Legalize Marijuana!!! Best wishes from Minnesota's lefties!

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