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Day 16 On Spironolactone



Still improved, but not 100% great. Yesterday I had 3 areas on my chin start to become a little irritated. Two of them are gone by now, but one has grown into a small(ish) cyst under the skin. It doesn't seem to be as aggressive as before the spiro, so I'm hoping it stays "calm" and just slowly diminishes. Hmm. Feeling a little bummed since 2 days ago I was on cloud 9 and raving about spironolactone. No more side effects at all really, definitely not dizzy when I take the pill and I'm not peeing as frequently. Most studies say it takes 4-8 weeks to fully take effect, sometimes as long as 3 months, so I'm going to stick with it. My skin isn't as oily overall, which is a great improvement. Still not where I want to be in terms of clear skin though.... blah. Trying to stay positive and hoping this cyst doesn't become too serious! Not sure how many more mountains I can take popping up on my chin. Ugh.

Does anyone have advice about the best dosage? I think in general it seems like you start out low at 50mg/day and increase to 100mg/day or more, but over what time period? I'm tempted to up it to 100mg a see if it makes a bigger difference, but am also a little nervous. I'll probably call my doctor tomorrow to double check, but would love to know if anyone saw a major difference when they upped the dose.


I almost had a spiro regimen but I had too many side effects and too many pimples. My ex-dermatologist refused to prescribe an antibiotic along with the Spironolactone. I wish I could get both. My next dermatology appointment with my new dermatologist Alexia, I will ask her if she can put me back on spiro but keep me on Amoxil and Keflex. I just cant go through with initial breakouts. They are too painful and make me shy around the public. Good luck and heres to hoping Spiro works for you...

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Everything I've read is that it takes awhile for your body to adjust to spiro. I hope you don't get an IB, but it's not unusual for that to happen. I've studied this a lot and have read that it takes 3-6 months where you're finally getting good consistent results.

I suspect that like saw palmetto, spiro must also do something to the estrogen/progesterone levels. It just seems like you can't fiddle with one hormone and not have it effect the others. So I personally don't think upping your dosage this early is necessary or will help. I think you've just got to ride it out as your body gets used to it. go through a few menstrual cycles and see what happens.

Of course, I'm not on it because I'm scared of the IB, but more and more I'm just thinking about going for it. I know I need an anti-androgen of some kind so it's either SP or spiro!

I also realized that I'm reading too many negative things that can happen with spiro and I'm assuming all of the bad things will happen to me. So I decided to flip the switch and only read positive things and have faith that if it works for so many others, it'll work for me too.

So don't get too discouraged! It's a great sign it started working for you immediately - it might be two steps forward 1 step back for a while, but it's still progress.

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Thanks, that's great advice. Little improvements are better than no improvements. Plus it's only been 2 weeks, so I really need to give it more time. Hmph. I was just hoping for a miracle, I guess :)

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