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My Regimen Works...you Should Try It..it Relies Heavily On Prescription Medication So It May Not Be Palatable For Those Who Prefer Home Remedies.



blogentry-178781-0-76610900-1352303302_t<-----before I began my regimen

blogentry-178781-0-75954000-1352303308_t<---before I began my regimen

blogentry-178781-0-89586100-1352303207_t<---two years and 7 months on my regimen

blogentry-178781-0-28841700-1352303209_t<----two years and 7 months on my regimen

blogentry-178781-0-76492100-1352303210_t<---two years and 7 months on my regimen

My regimen is as follows:

6:00AM: wash face with dial antibacterial hand soap with 0.46% antibacterial Triclosan. Pat dry with clean towel.Apply Benzaclin,a topical mixture of the antibiotic 1%clindamycin and 5% benzoyl peroxide.

9:00AM: wash face with purpose gentle face cleanser. Pat dry with clean towel. Apply pea sized amounts of topical tretinoin 0.1% cream a/k/a Retin-A and 1% topical clindamycin gel. Smooth over entire face including behind the ears and tightly around the lips and mouth area.

1:30PM: wash face with purpose gentle face cleanser.Pat dry with clean towel. Apply benzaclin again. The prescription state that we are to apply it twice daily.

5:00PM: Wash face with antibacterial dial soap with 0.46% antibacterial Triclosan. Apply oil free cetaphil oil control moisturizer or any oil-free non-comodegenic non-acnegenic moisturizer with Sun Protection Factor of 30 or higher. Wait 4 hours. Check out these links: http://www.cetaphil....sturizer-spf30/ http://www.neutrogen...sture spf 35.do

9:00PM: Use purpose gentle face wash to wash face with gentle circular moitions to exfoliate dead skin cells. Pat dry with clean towel. Apply pea sized amount of tretinoin mixed with topical clindamycin gel. Sleep. Wake up. Start all over again.

Oral Medications: Throughout the day consume 2,000mg of Keflex or Amoxil anti-biotics. Drink kefir, a cultured dairy beverage or eat yogurt of some kind. Soy yogurt has active cultures and is very tasty for those who avoid dairy.

You may notice in the pics that my face is kind of blotchy. I get blotchy red patches because my skin is so fair. The blotches appear mostly on my neck. I don't use cover up make-up because I am too scared it will make my complexion pimply. On my cheeks there is some faint scarring but it is fading and the Tretinoin helps the skin cells turnover hella fast making my face smooth.

What you need to get started:

blogentry-178781-0-82933900-1352313739.p<-------oil free moisturizer w/spf 30

blogentry-178781-0-36687300-1352313765_t<---------topical antibiotic


blogentry-178781-0-13235400-1352313799_t<------------topical tretinoin AKA Retin-A.

blogentry-178781-0-98224200-1352313847_t<----------Amoxil antibiotic.

blogentry-178781-0-76822600-1352314104_t<--------Purpose gentle face wash

blogentry-178781-0-49592900-1352314123_t<------- dial antibacterial soap



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