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Need Help Guys! Big Time!

Liam Foster


Hello once again. As you might know from my previous blog posts, i have been battling with acne now for the good part of 5 years, however it has only started getting severe in the last year. I have been on doxy for the past 7 months and now my body has grew immune to it, it seems. I need your opinions people on why i am still getting huge pimples and why they just wont go! I just cannot for the life of me get rid of underneath the skin pimples which then grow and grow and merge into more! I have a gluten free diet, and when you are a student like myself with not really much money, that's pretty damn hard! I use facewash every night and moisturise. I treat my pimples with azelaic acid cream and also take doxy everyday. But nothing. They just will not budge!! Im so depressed it's unreal! I wish they would just go so i can be myself again!!! They have totally destroyed my forehead! I have so many atm on my brow line, and the rest of my forehead is just blotches of red everywhere because of the torment of it all. I'd go to the end of the world and back just to live my old life again! See my friends again, not be afraid to go out, talk to people! Ive lost a good amount of contact with many friends. The depression and confidence is getting to me really bad. Because im at university and not in my home city until xmas, i cant visit my gp, but if im honest, i dont even want to visit him because i know for a fact they will just put me on some other tablets or cream etc. All short term things. I need to know what is causing them! There must be something im doing wrong, or something wrong inside my body! I have got such a huge and i mean huge pimples on my forehead atm, it's got a face and everything. If my body just told me what was wrong! :( How long is this going to last?


Your body doesn't become immune, it's the bacteria. Doxy killed off some of them but the ones that survive has developed immunity and is now thriving on your face. It doesn't help to harm your body any more with Doxy because it won't do anything so your doctor will put you on a different antibiotic and then the cycle repeats.

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You haven't really helped me there tbh, not being rude, but i just need any help i can get i really do. I dont want to go on more and more and more tablets each time and then they all come back again or some still linger. I need to know what is causing them! Atm, i don't have a clue and i cant deal with it much longer if im honest. This sheltered life being a fucking recluse. I might just start binge drinking and eating fucking shit like everyone else i know and maybe my skin may improve because their skin glows!

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So you're asking why you have acne? Well it's usually a combination of your oil glands producing too much oil, the way your skin grows, and/or the bacteria on your skin.

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Yeah i know this. But how can i get rid rid of the situation long term! Instead of being fed countless amounts of prescriptions drugs which only work short term!

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Hey =) I know it sucks having acne. I started when i was 14 and now im 19 and still have it pretty bad sometimes. Just wondering, did you notice that the acne got worse after the antibiotics? Anyway a big part of acne is digestion and all that damage to your digestive system maybe a problem. Antibiotics (as you probly know) kill good and bad bacteria so its possible that you have a yeast over growth which can for sure cause acne. You being on a gluten free diet is great (although I cant even imagine doing that in college lol) but maybe you could try taking a probiotic if your not. And a multi vitamin would be good. Another thing that I would really recomend is zinc. It has been shown that 25mg of zinc twice a day have the same effect on acne as Tetrycline. It has anti inflamitory properties and healing properties. Jojoba oil is also great because although it seems wrong to put oil on ance prone skin, it tricks the skin into thinking it has enough oil so it will stop producing as much. Jojoba oil also wont clog poors so you could give that a try. I'm sorry your having such a rough time now but I hope you find something that works for you. Im a girl so I have the advantage of being able to put makeup on to coverup the redness which helps me feel better but obviously that wouldnt really work for you =/ I'll put two links down below wich are just reviews of zinc and jojoba oil so you can check them out. Also would you ever consider accutane? I know its a bit extreme but if its really effecting you that much maybe it could help.



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