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Birth Control For Acne?!



im 14 and i have some acne on my upper arms, chest, legs, back, and shoulders. Its not bad acne, as it seems to never grow into big red painful bumps, but they don't go away either, its just a bunch of little bumps every where and during the day I can literally feel oil on my skin if I take my finger and rub it on my arms, theres this oily feeling to it and i was wondering if birth control would help it cause I'm going to be taking it soon. (ortho tri cyclen) i wanted to get rid of these little zits fast because they really bother me!!


Hey :) I'm 19 and I tried ortho tri cyclen for my acne a little while ago. I only really get it on my face really bad before my period. When I started taking OTC I got a bunch of little red bumps on the sides of my nose/cheek area. They were not horrible breakouts at all but I was already feeling so frustrated with my regular acne that I stpped after a week so thats not really helpful :/ Anyway I have read alot about people using birth control for acne and there usually is a bit of an initial breakout while your body gets used to the new hormones but after that it can often help. I'm not sure how helpful it would be for body acne though. I would say to give it a try but Ive hear A LOT of people say that their skin goes crazy when they get off the birth control because the hormones are all outa whack. However, if youre really uncomfortable about it then its worth a shot! If I were you though I'd ask your doctor and just see what they would recomend for ur specific type of acne. Here's a link to some reviews. Good luck! :)


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Thank you!! :) and I hope it helps with body acne cause my mum said it helps reduce sebum and sebum causes body acne and I also get really bad cramps so its like why not give it a try right. :) I guess my acne will go away in a few years like after puberty but I just want these darn lil guys to go away Im only 14 you know. Tbh cant wait to go on and see the results!!!!

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