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First Week On The Regimen



So I have almost reached my first week on the acne.org regimen, and I've done research on what to expect on the first week, which includes excessive drying and burning sensations when bp is applied. However, I have not experienced the excessive drying that everyone seems to be talking about nor have I experienced the sting once i apply bp. My face itches once in awhile and only a little bit of drying. I'm on my 5th day and i have already been using one full pump of bp night and day..maybe even a little bit more, and nothing really but just mildly dry spots on the acne..nothing excessive. I hope that's not a bad thing to not be experiencing what everyone else is experiencing.. I just want it to work, and i feel like it wont, not being able to experience what others have been experiencing..

Anyone else have the same situationn!?

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First of all the dryness, falkiness, and the stinging will come really soon. It took me about 2 weks for it to really have that big bad effect if you know what i mean. Also you just started the regimen and you are not using it precisly like it says to do. you should go way down on the bp. you need to be using about the size of the first inch of your finger. (the part where your finger starts and reaches a line). That might be the reason why you are not having anything so dry and flaky, because your skin is not getting used to it and the bp is not doing nothing because of so much. start slow, in 2 weeks ramp up your dosage to what you are using now. good luck.

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