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Day 27



No new pimples! My face is just scarred but no active pimples. I am so happy. I'm wearing makeup and my skin looks freaking perfect with it on. Ill upload pics eventually I've taken photos every couple of days or so since being on accutane. I'm so so thrilled! Tomorrow is the end of week 4 and then on to week 5! Time is flying now that I'm clearing up :)

I'm still using the same products; swisspers sensitive skin face wipes to remove makeup, Cetaphill cleanser and moisturizer.. And that's about it. I stopped using benzoyl peroxide cream just in case it irritates my skin now that I'm a month into my treatment.

I've been drinking about 4 - 5 litres of water a day and noticed that my lips aren't nearly as dry.. Not really dry at all to be honest. I probably put on balm about three times a day now.

I have also started exercising more than usual because I was feeling sluggish. I think it's helping too.

Um what else... I go for my second blood test next week to see how everything's going but honestly I feel awesome! No break outs means I'm more confident than ever and happiness is oozing out of me!

I'm also trying to cut out sugar, wheat and dairy as much as possible so we will see how that goes. Hah :)

Yay for accutane!


how the heck do you drink 4-5 liters of water =O i want to drink that much but i just can't! lol. i usually drink 2. what's your secret!

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Ha! I've been keeping a liter bottle next to me at all times and if I make sure I drink little bits constantly so that it gets filled at least 4 times a day :) gets easy once you're used to it

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i have a nalgene bottle i use that's a liter, but i can't seem to fill it more than twice haha. i will try the little sips!

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No active pimples?! Congrats!!! I remember your post on here when you were so depressed about your IB, i'm glad that's done with! I hope to be where you're at on Day 27! :)

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Glad to see things changing for the better for you! I'm just beginning my journey.

Exercise, eating right, and regulatory sleep, keeps your body feeling great.

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