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Oh Canada, Oh Canada You're Killing My Skin



All I can say is fuck! Sore! Red! Flaky! Yuck! So I move to this place called Canada, which is cool, except for their strange obsession with terrible franchise coffee, but anyhoo my skin decides to kill itself. I get it, I moved from somewhere that practically has the opposite climate. Humid, to dry, hot to cold. But does my skin really have to react this way?! What was once clear is now covered in horrible red flaky parts. What was once smooth is now covered in those raised bumps that this website is dedicated to.My face is constantly in this irritated pain, itchy and dry. I'm really hoping that a thorough commitment to my old regime will be effective. Here goes everything!


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Yep, it's definitely the climate. My skin generally goes like this when we go into the depths of winter in Australia. But this is still fall. And I'm afraid what -20 will do to my dermatitis!

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